Feel-good Friday: Riverside Adventure

Have you ever been White Water Rafting?

That’s me jumping off a rock into the super clean and clear water. Photos: Lisa King.  Riverside Adventures, Clearwater, British Columbia.
Goofing around with Margeaux and Lisa.  Photos: Lisa King

Hours before attending a wedding reception last Saturday, this is what we did.  We had an absolute blast whitewater rafting in warm, clear & clean water around the pristine wilderness of Wells Gray Provincial Park – in Clearwater, British Columbia.  There was haze in the air though due to the countless wildfires still raging in surrounding areas.  There was a moody grayness up above but down below we enjoyed every minute not knowing exactly what to expect around the corner.  There were a few good splashes along the way and those who wanted to swim could, in certain safe areas.  Two weeks from now the wild salmon will come to spawn.  That will be a sight to see.

Photo: Margeaux Bauman


See how clear it is? Photo: Lisa King

Travel/Adventure – Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a wildlife refuge with close to 800,000 acres of protected environment and unspoiled desert scenery only a one hour drive from Palm Springs.

Venus and the Moon
Venus and the Moon at Sunset
Skull Rock
Skull Rock

It’s pretty breathtaking and I’m not sure the pictures do it justice.

Two factors make the park special; the eerie, spiky Joshua trees which grow densely in the western half, and the extensive outcrops of huge granite boulders, up to 100 feet high, which line the mountain ranges scattered over the whole area.

You can see the San Andreas Fault Line from here
On a clear day you can see the San Andreas Fault Line from this location. On a really clear day you can see all the way to Mexico.

Other prime attractions are six oases where California fan palm trees grow in their natural surroundings, all reachable by trail. This is not a place just to drive through, instead visitors should explore for a while away from the roads – climb some rocks or walk amongst the trees and cacti, but most of all spend a night here and watch the sun set.  It was quite windy and cold a few days ago when three of us had a picnic lunch and enjoyed exploring the area.

The Joshuas are especially atmospheric and spooky at dusk, when their stark, irregular outlines become quite menacing.timeline1The iconic Joshua tree, the namesake of the California park, is actually a member of the lily family.  Interesting since it looks nothing like a lily.

Reflecting.  photo: Lisa King

Such a beautiful sight.  Have you been?

Photos: d. king

Travel/Adventure – off the beaten path

The Oregon Coast welcomes you with its wild and moody rugged openness.  A place to discover and enjoy.oregon2

Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach

oregon320140618_183506and where certain dogs love to wet their paws and can run for miles along the sandy beaches.to the site

A great camping destination (weather permitting), if I may say so myself.  Especially if you pick up some tantalizing Willamette Valley pinot noirs.
Have you been?

Photos: d. king