Feel-good Friday: Autumn Leaves

Life fails to be perfect, but never fails to be beautifulLife starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Images: d. king

Feel-good Friday: FALLing

But then fall comes,


kicking summer out on its treacherous ass as it always does one day sometime after the midpoint of September, it stays awhile like an old friend that you have missed. It settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favourite chair and take out his pipe and light it and then fill the afternoon with stories of places he has been and things he has done since last he saw you.” ― Stephen King, Salem’s Lot.

And then there’s all the colourful Autumn Bounty – Market Freshfallbounty2fallbounty3fallbounty4fallbounty1“Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.” – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowsfallbounty5

“Know that transformation sometimes begins with a fall. So never curse the fall.”
―  Yasmin Mogahed, Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free from Life’s Shackles

Photos (autumn bounty): Colleen Kohse

Have a good FALL!