Feel-Lucky Friday

The half-Irish in me

Enjoying a local beer & a box of chocolate covered gummy bears (talk about luck; they now come in a convenient candy package) in a comfy reclining chair at the Pickford Theatre.

Bad St. Paddys Day Jokes:

“This is the one day of the year where green’s meaning shifts from saving the environment to polluting our major organs.”

“St. Patricks day is like Valentines day for those who love Jameson (whiskey) and bad decisions.”

“It’s also the one holiday where full-blown alcoholism could possibly go undetected.”

My favourite: “An Irish guy walks out of a bar….No; really, it can happen!”

Green Light Ahead.  I’m going for it!

Enjoy the day even if you’re not even part Irish!

Feel-good Friday: through the looking glass

It’s Modernism week in Palm Springsglamping8An annual celebration of midcentury modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture.

And to demonstrate what kind of 20th Century Modern Woman I am – some recent selfies taken in front of mirrored windows around town.  It also proves that my dogs are modern too! They should really be in Modern Dog Magazine.glamping6

glamping3glamping2“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”

–  Donald Trump Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass

“Where should I go?” -Alice. “That depends on where you want to end up.” – The Cheshire Cat.”!

Hope you end up having a FUN Weekend ahead

in my core…

Quoting President Obama – “I think everything is going to be okay”feelgoodfriday1

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress. – quotes by Barack Obama

Let’s stay positive that it will ALL WORK OUT!

She's way too tall for me!

My date at Tropicale was way too tall for me!



Feel-good Friday: Hello 2017!

I’ve been waiting for you! feelgoodfriday2-copyYou’re a welcome change and a new chapter waiting to be written. A fresh start to learn from past mistakes and strive to improve all future aspects of life.  I welcome you with an open heart and a commitment to further enrich my life and the lives of those around me.

Well it’s a good place to start.

As it so happens my year end 2016 did not go as planned.  While traveling I very suddenly developed a virus that left me incapacitated for several days, having to make an emergency visit to a doctor in Oregon and take antibiotics.  I had a fever, chills and could hardly swallow without feeling pain.  Also sooooo lethargic. This from someone who rarely if ever gets sick.  But I’m over it now.  Still have an annoying dry cough but other than that I feel almost back to normal considering I was ever normal.  So instead of celebrating with friends in the wine region I was stuck in a hotel room in my pajamas with a party hat & party favours (I didn’t dare put on my glitter outfit which I brought if you can believe that) waiting for the ball to drop on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve with host Ryan Seacrest live from New York.  Except just before the ball was about to drop and they were starting the countdown the station cut to a commercial.  Who does that??  So when they cut back to the live programming it was already over – at least in New York.  Then off to sleep I went.  I really feel l missed out and was going to call the station to complain.

But then when I woke up it was already a brand new year…..whew!  I never made the call.

So I checked my mail and FB to see who was celebrating where and with whom.  Then I see a message from a very dear friend who lives in Florida who I haven’t heard from in what seems like months.  To find out that for almost one year now she has gone totally sober. She went to rehab and re-discovered herself, made new friends and realized that she doesn’t need alcohol after all.   I’m so proud of her for having taken the first step towards twelve steps and beyond.  I think it must be very difficult to overcome addiction and even more difficult to stay sober but I’m certain she’ll stay sober now because she has the support of others in the same situation.  Support is everything.

I realize that everyone has their demons, their setbacks or unusual circumstances but also their dreams. Life is full of ups and downs and we make choices, made do, rise above it, stay put or move ahead.  Only we decide how to live our lives.  Once in a while there are circumstances beyond our control of course but for the most part…..20170105_191847

So today is a brand new day.  I missed the deadline for getting accreditation to cover the Palm Springs International Film Festival by only 3 days so that was a bummer.  But I was told to come by the press office once in town and they gave me media passes for the festival anyway.  Score!  It’s a fabulous line up of entertainment that awaits.

That’s all to say I’m going to enjoy whatever sunshine comes my way and see a few movies in the meantime.  I’ll be in touch very soon.

Girl on Fire - Tiki Style

Girl on Fire – Tiki Style (here I’m outside in a hot tub by myself and the moon).

Happy 2017!

Things are about to get a whole lot brighter

Feel-good Friday: let the parties begin

Wow…can you believe we’re into December already?  There’s something festive in the air as we get ready for Christmas and the New Year.


Santa Paws at Tisol, Vancouver. Jia Jia was good all year. Me; not so much!

Santa Paws at Tisol, Vancouver. Jia Jia was good all year. Me; not so much!

Jia Jia with friend Tammy Preast from

Jia Jia with friend Tammy Preast from “Love on a Leash” trusted dog care services – Vancouver. Photo: Malcolm Perry

I love this Phyllis Diller (remember her?) quote. “What I don’t like about office parties is looking for a job the next day.”  Good thing I don’t have a job!

Office parties are starting as early as November now as restaurants get booked up fast.  I started celebrating a month ago last night when six on my building council got together for a rowdy celebratory non-silent night for dinner and live jazz. And this time everyone behaved!  And there’s only more to follow including back-to-back get togethers with friends and neighbours, dance parties and another fundraising gala (more on that later).  Oh, and Stevie Nicks.  Okay, it’s not a dinner but she’s amazing…still.

It’s a time to be especially nice to people you otherwise ignore the rest of the year.  But all kidding aside, it can be a lonely time too for people without family, or the homeless, etc. And it’s a time to put aside rifts and nonsense and look at the good in people (because nobody is perfect).  It’s time to spread the CHEER!  lit1

I hope you have a Happy Holiday Season!  XO

Feel-good Friday: Things to be Thankful for

Thanksgiving is a holiday but in its true spirit should remind us of what to be thankful for. feelgoodfriday2

Here is my updated 10 BEST gratitude list:

  • Happy to be living in Canada (especially now)
  • Not taking good health for granted (sounds cheesy; but really I mean that!)
  • My two siblings and a husband who has stuck with me through thick and thin. He knows me better than anyone else and lets me be me.  He also thinks I look good without makeup.
  • Dogs (they complete me)
  • Trust worthy good friends
  • Dancing and Music (maybe that’s two things but they do go hand in hand)
  • Art
  • Warm places to travel to when the weather becomes unbearable
  • Netflix (my latest addiction is The Crown)
  • Black Friday Deals (just kidding – sort of) & Fridays in generalfeelgoodfriday7

What are you thankful for?

Feel-good Friday: get inspired

What inspires you?  What makes you feel-good? fridayblog1

Our society embraces the TGIF catchphrase…well at least those who work full time do.  On Monday, Friday seems a long way away, and then Sunday shows up way too soon.  Most working people are doing what they do to make a living and really don’t enjoy  their jobs – or they have horrible bosses (even more horrible than the movie).  That’s the down side of working.  People who enjoy what they do – even they look forward to FridayFriday is just another word for Freedom…for a little while.  Because the next day you get to let loose, wake up late, get together with friends you’re too busy or tired to see during the week, do housework or do nothing.  Any way you look at it – Friday is the most popular day of the week.fridayblog4

So I’ve been thinking about what inspires us to make little changes.  Those of us who get to experience four seasons should embrace the beauty of that.  Summer is easy, we get lazy and don’t want to do very much (at least that’s how I feel) because it’s too too short.  But then we have Fall and it gives us an opportunity to get a little more serious about making changes.  We have to adapt to cooler temperature and begin to hibernate.  Neighbours you see out and about during the summer seem to disappear.  It can feel cold and unfriendly.  But the things I now embrace about Fall may sound a little superficial but that’s okay.  I like to change up my wardrobe, make comfort food which includes lots of soup, have dinner parties, visit a gallery, settle in earlier and watch something good on TV, read more, take a class, learn something new and work a bit harder on some personal matters.  It’s mostly positive.  Winter is winter focusing on holiday stuff…oh, and maybe a warmer getaway & Spring is great because you know Summer is around the corner and then there’s all the cleaning & stuff.  What? It’s a  good excuse to clean your place.  Like the Chinese New Year.  Out with the old, in with the new!  fridayblog3

And around we go… I always loved Merry-go-rounds.  And a dirty martini on the side!