Local Business Story: Who’s Your Bag?

As you make your way to the winery with a baguette…

there’s a certain etiquette…but you don’t have to carry it under your arm – only if you’re in France.  Here at home just make sure the top sticks out of your market bag just so...(as shown in photo).  Otherwise it’s considered gauche.

Le Bag

These locally made market totes are made to shout not high-end designer, but the neighbourhood you live in (or the one you want to live in), while reducing your plastic footprint. They’re also the perfect carryall for daily errands.

I finally met owners Angelica Vargas and Andrew Murray (in below photo) at their pop-up tent outside Container Brewery which I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  It was an afternoon of festivity and feel-good perusing.

I’m familiar with “thebag” as I was one of the very first to get my “Kitsilano” market bag with long leather handles which makes carrying easier and has a wipeable lining and inner pocket. Great for grocery shopping.  Looks stylish too.

When I first noticed it in the window of Coco’s Closet on 4th Ave. I had to inquire.  I can’t tell you how many times I was stopped with people asking me where I bought it. The company even made a prototype of a logo for a business launch I was involved in but unfortunately it was short lived (not the bag, the venture.)

Since then, they’ve expanded the line to include pretty much every other neighbourhood and area of interest.  They have a cute mini market bag for small shopping expeditions or to use as a lunch bag. 





They have a few other goodies too.

General Info:


Where to buy:


Angelica wearing their luxuriously super-soft Vancouver hoodie. 

style: In Coco’s Closet with good cause!

Need to update your spring wardrobe? Head down to Coco’s Closet tomorrow (Thursday, May 7th) and 10% of all purchases for the day will be donated to a very good cause – the *Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Western Canada.  about-image-4 A UNIQUE, LA-INSPIRED BOUTIQUE in Vancouver’s Kits Neighbourhood.

Brochu Walker - Harrison Shrug, Stone
Brochu Walker – Harrison Shrug

Coco’s Closet offers Vancouver’s style-savvy women a fun, relaxed environment featuring hard-to-find fashions and accessories straight out of the latest magazines.child_of_wild_largeLots of Great Brands! Stop by Coco’s Closet to add a splash of LA hotness to yours!

Equipment Silk Shirt
Equipment Silk Shirt


Address: 2190 West 4th Ave (next to Purdy’s Chocolates).


*About CYSTIC FIBROSIS (or CF) in a nutshell : Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease of the secretory glands, including the glands that make mucus and sweat.”Inherited” means the disease is passed from parents to children through genes. People who have CF inherit two faulty genes for the disease—one from each parent. The parents likely don’t have the disease themselves. CF mainly affects the lungs, pancreas, liver, intestines and sinuses.

The symptoms and severity of CF vary. Sometimes there are few symptoms. Other times, the symptoms may become more severe. As the disease gets worse, the symptoms become more severe with increasing regularity.  Lung function often starts to decline in early childhood in people who have CF. Over time, damage to the lungs can cause severe breathing problems.

Early treatment for CF can improve quality of life and increase lifespan. Treatments may include nutritional and respiratory therapies, medicines, exercise, and other treatments. As these treatments continue to improve, so does life expectancy for those who have the disease. Today, some people who have CF are living into their forties or fifties, or longer.

I have a friend in her mid fifties who has CF and has had a double lung, heart and kidney transplant because of this disease.  She’s doing remarkably well, looks good and is basically a living miracle.  Because of this I try to help support the CF foundation (Vancouver chapter) to retrieve silent auction items for their yearly gala fundraising event in Vancouver. See my previous post: https://girlwhowouldbeking.com/2014/11/08/health-matters-raising-awareness-key-to-a-cure-for-cf/