Café Portrait

Here is where the specific categories I’ve created for this website keep getting blurred.

Where do you put coffee and eye candy?

Photo: d. king

Unique, unexpected, creative, inspiring…Art with a side of Coffee.

An establishment like Café Portrait in Vancouver’s West End is so much more than just a place to grab a coffee or croissant. Sidenote: the pistachio croissant is the best I’ve tried.  It’s also a breakfast/brunch spot and an art gallery unlike any other.  The entire café is filled with original portraits on the walls, tables…even in a corner with hoodies and coffee cups available for purchase.

Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king

Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king

Told you so!

1120 Denman Street (close to Davie)




Feel-Good Friday: cute cuppa coffee

in ice cream coloured cafetieres.bodum1

To celebrate 70 years of innovative kitchenware Bodum (the maker of the iconic French press) have re-launched some of their classic and our favourite items in fresh fun colours.  Makes you think of spring/summer but that’s just fine at this time of the year.20141119_083015

It makes the start to my day that much merrier.

Happy Anniversary Bodum!

A perfect cup of moka just days ago at Café Arábigo in Oaxaca, Mexico.
I had the perfect cup of moka just days ago at Café Arábigo in Oaxaca, Mexico.

coffee culture – dark & handsome

coffee3Coffee, chocolate, men…some things are better rich…

Handsome Coffee Roasters, L.A.

from their website
from their website –

Only in Los Angeles can you find Handsome in the city’s derelict, industrial downtown.  Also…

Comfort: Comfort is a handshake at the door, an offer to take your jacket. Need a lift to the airport? These coffees deliver time and time again, rain, wind or shine. The good life is within arm’s reach.

Adventure: Adventure is a drive in your friend’s Porsche, a job offer from the CIA. Mom and Dad’s advice is useless and the decisions you make are your own. These coffees are a glimpse into life’s endless possibilities, rewards waiting to be earned.

Never before has coffee tasted so…..promising?

Hello, handsome” likely wasn’t the greeting between Michael Phillips, Chris Owens and Tyler Wells, as they first met while working the coffee circuit.  Then again, Owens admits the impetus to start their company, Handsome Coffee Roasters, came about while he and Wells were on a “man-date.”  Each from a different corner of the United States (Wells from West Virginia, Phillips from Michigan + Owens from Texas) , their confluence in Los Angeles marked not only the beginning of a budding three-way bromance, but also the blueprint for a business that would see them sourcing beans first-hand from farmers around the world, roasting them in small batches, supplying them to cafés across the country, and brewing the grinds at a coffee bar all their own, right from downtown L.A.coffee1Angelenos have been flocking to the space for a bar menu with options that read simply: “espresso” and “espresso + milk.”  In a shamanistic way, the baristas surmise your flavor preferences and then prescribe the bean they think you’ll enjoy most.  The menu changes often, and sometimes includes Konga Cooperatives from Ethiopia; in it, you find notes of raspberry and Clementine – a brew that Wells calls his favourite.  Phillips disagrees, for him, it’s the mysterious tobacco, brown sugar, graham, and black tea aromas in Dukunde Kawa, grown in Northern Rwanda.  As for Owens, he’s most excited about the Finca Tanzania from Salvadoran coffee-growing legend Aida Batlle.  The coffee queen was so impressed with the triumvirate’s operation that she invited them into her exclusive club.  There’s a lot more to them than just their good looks.

but wait….no Blue Mountain on the list?

credit: Craig David Long for Nuvo Magazine.