Simple food – Pleasing Party Platters

Crudités anyone?  I love that word!party1Okay you guys, we’re in the midst of summer now.  This is where we okay, I tend to get lazy. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself but I don’t really feel like cooking until Fall. Well at least nothing major and nothing that involves party3turning on the oven.  This is the time when I start to throw things together last minute or just barbeque.

So how about those party platters?  You know…the usual cheeses, dips, olives, nuts, cold cuts.  I had deviled eggs at one barbeque – an almost forgotten but welcome addition. party4 Doesn’t everyone have a party finger-food specialty?  How about arranging a great cheese platter?  Here are some photos that will give you a few arrangement ideas.  Don’t forget the grapes.

How cute is this?
How cute is this?