Etiquette….it’s always nice to send & receive a handwritten note/card/letter

Manners never go out of style.
  How many know this proper etiquette?thankyou2

card3Where have all my empty cards disappeared?  I used to keep a pile of them on hand but must have used the very last one and now have to replenish.  I didn’t go out specifically looking for the last batch – just came across some very pretty cards which I have used for a multitude of purposes. However I always end up staring at the empty space to which I’m supposed to write something clever and nothing innovative comes to mind.  It’s a bit of a struggle at first but something always manages to get written even if it’s something very simple and unadorned.  Some people just have an effortless gift with words. The main thing is to do it.  This coming from one who, for the first time in several years, did not send out even one single handwritten Christmas Card and still feel guilty about it.  More and more people are sending e-cards for holidays so maybe this is becoming more acceptable. Still, to all those (mostly out of towners) who did not receive a Christmas card from me this time, please do not take it personally.  This never happens for birthdays or other special occasions.card1

That said, are manners becoming obsolete?

As in fashion, writing is an art. In fact, etiquette expert Emily Post even suggested that, “the letter you write…is always a mirror which reflects your appearance, taste, and character.” For thank you notes, this may be especially true. A handwritten thank you is eminently tasteful; it demonstrates certain gratitude and anyone who has ever received one knows how much appreciation the gesture fosters.

Etiquette requires you to send a thank-you note in the following situations:

  Wedding gifts

  Bridal shower and baby shower gifts

  Holiday, birthday, Bar/Bat mitzvah, graduation, and housewarming gifts

  Sympathy letters, flowers, mass cards, or donations made in the deceased’s name

Thank-you notes are not necessarily required but are a nice gesture in the following situations:

  When a host has treated you to a cocktail party, dinner, or concert

  After a job interview

  Anytime you feel particularly indebted to someone

A thank-you note is exclusively about expressing your gratitude, so don’t worry if your note seems short and simple. The only hard and fast rule is that it be sincere — even if you cannot stomach the present, you can express gratitude for the gesture, at the very least.card2

Remember that an imperfect letter that comes with heartfelt sentiment is better than a perfect note that was never written.

A little “thank you” that you will say to someone for a “little favour” shown to you is a key to unlock the doors that hide unseen “greater favours”. Learn to say “thank you” and why not?” ― Israelmore Ayivor

  Cards by Garance Doré.
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pure style – Garbe Luxe


Can’t say enough about this casually chic, comfortable, eclectic clothing line.  You won’t need to give up comfort for pure style – you can have both.  Some pieces you’ll just want to use for working out (or at least look like you are) but for the most part, the separates are worn in a tasteful relaxed manner – Made in California style with an edge. Like the girl who designs it, my friend Natalia.  She’s a natural so of course I was excited when she first told me about this line…but aside from the fact that she’s a friend I wear Garbe Luxe a lot…because it’s so well made and I love it.  Thanks Nat for creating these cool cutting- edge designs.

These looks - from the Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook.
        All photos from the Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook.

garbe8The Pants: For instance, I find myself more often than not reaching for the (not so) basic and seam leggings to wear in place of jeans and the Luca (leather-like) legging for informal evening wear. The moto legging I wear for both running and as a basic legging for a sporty cool vibe.  The VIV Foldover I’ve even worn out dancing – feels great for movement and resembles a dress pant.  They all wear very well and keep their garbe6garbe4shape after washing which is a BIG plus. 

The Tops: I don’t have ALL of them just yet but I do get plenty of wear from the striped Piper shirt + Biko super cozy pocketed sweatshirt right now and the low-back tank and classic undershirt tank (which is great for layering by the way) when the weather is warmer. The material is made from super soft high quality organic cotton. The long and the short of it: both style bra tops are worn regularly for gym or running.  They keep me secure, are breathable, comfy and flattering – something not always found with these types of tops. They are not like the others even if they resemble some that are 

garbe5out there – trust me on this.garbe3

Last year the garbe2lifestyle line was picked up by Neiman Marcus in 18 stores. They currently have orders from over 30 retailers and are featured in the world’s leading online fashion boutique.

Garbe Luxe was featured recently in Elle Magazine (wait-listed hottest item the GARBE LUXE Moto legging) and was featured in Garance Dore’s blog (one of the most popular fashion bloggers) on the list as her favorite things packed for her Bali vacation! Hey, they were also packed for The Girl Who Would be King’s mini vacation to Palm Springs over the holidays.garbe9

Check out the trouser sweatpants at

For a complete look at current styles including bra tops please visit Website:

garbe7From the website: GARBE LUXE is a lifestyle collection designed for the fashionable woman that desires to look stylish in both her casual and active wardrobe. The result is a thoughtful clothing line, which integrates functional design, technical fabrics, and impeccable construction with a stylish edge.

GARBE LUXE is proudly and responsibly designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

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