Beauty – in the BAG

I really love Japanese skin care products.

002The Japanese are known for being steps ahead when it comes to technology and trends, and the same goes for their skin care. Japanese skin care products are some of the best in the world.

Many of the products are not easily found here in North America. Of course we already know about Shiseido, Shu Uemura (we swear by their eyelash curler) &  Clé de Peau (the Concealer is a perennial makeup artist favorite).

A friend recently returned from a trip to Japan and brought me this little bag containing *rice bran extract which is used to hydrate and tone skin.  It’s from a store called “Yojiya” in Kyoto (the area where I once followed Geishas).  The Japanese name is Nukabukuro and it’s a face/body wash in a small cotton bag with an excellent cleansing & moisturizing effect when you massage your skin with it. The rice bran extract is filtered through the cotton bag which gradually moisturizes your skin while the gentle massaging effect of the cotton fiber helps to tone your skin texture.  First you must run the bag under warm water until it fully absorbs and you keep using it until it’s all gone. *Rice Bran Extract is a natural botanical rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Also, the best blotting papers ever – of course, the Japanese invented them.  Centuries ago, in the early 1600’s, the women and men in Japan discovered the benefits of oil blotting paper for keeping their complexions smooth, flawless and oil free.  An essential item to keep in my handbag.

Do you have a favorite Japanese skincare product?