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bra by 'blush lingerie' available at
Sweet Promise‘ by blush lingerie Fall/Winter 2013 available in all sizes (large & small) at

“A good bra is like a good man: he’s gotta be good looking, supportive and he’ll never let you down.”blushlogo

These are the kind of truths that Rebecca, the owner of La Petite Coquette (located in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York City) can throw at you in an everyday conversation. Re-blogged from Garance Doré.

And the thing is after talking, and mostly, trying bras with her, I kind of realized that in spite of all my efforts, my bra knowledge was very limited. It was time to take a lesson in bra fitting, and to ask her a few of the essential questions…

How do you figure out your size? I don’t believe in tape measures because they are not tried and true, it’s basically a gimmick. The most important thing is to go to your local lingerie store and try on bras. You need to give yourself 20-30 minutes to try on a few different styles. There is no standardization in bra sizing. Each manufacturer makes a different size. A C-cup in an American size is very different from a C-cup in a European size. You have to know how the bras fit.

jesus fernandes - 'Camille' from mujeres collection.
jesus fernandez – ‘Camille’

What to wear when bra shopping? Wear a simple a t-shirt or tank top. If you’re looking for a t-shirt bra, it should look like you’re not wearing anything at all, it should be smooth, round and high. You don’t need to bring multiple tops. You know when it fits, when it’s comfortable.

How do you know the bra fits? The middle part of the bra should go flat against your sternum and the band should be in the middle of the back.  You shouldn’t have spillage coming out. Always have your bra on the first hook, it should fit snug on your back so you’ll have places to go when it stretches out. The straps should not dig into your shoulder and they should fit snug.

How often should you be buying new bras? Bras always wear out but it’s the way you take care of them. If you hand wash and air dry them, they will always last much longer. Most women, I find, wear the same bra every single day. You have to rotate your bras. Don’t wear the same bra twice in a row– you sweat and the sides, back and straps stretch out.

What should you have in your bra wardrobe? Four to five bras for during the week, when you wear your work clothing, when you want your clothes to be smooth and fitting you well. You should have 3 or 4 sexy ones for when you want to go out at night or you are entertaining your man for seduction. Two strapless bras, one black and one nude (when you buy a strapless bra it should fit very, very snug, you can even go one size down sometimes).

jesus fernandes - 'chica' mujeres collection.
jesus fernandez – ‘chica’ mujeres collection.

*Shopping online for a bra or bra/panty set can sometimes be a challenge but plenty of women do.  There’s even a ‘panties by post’ website.  The trick is that you either know your standard size & place the order or spend a few extra minutes checking out your size from the sizing chart for each manufacturer on the website you’re placing the order from (as each company is different).  The difference in shopping for a bra online is that many times you’ll come across something extra special (artisan or vintage details) that you won’t be able to find in a department store or a lingerie boutique because they’re not your standard design.

Best brands for…
Small or Average size Chests: Timpa, Eberjey, Chantelle, jesus fernandez, Simone Perele, blush.
Large Chests: Freya, Chantelle, Simone Perele, Prima Donna, blush.
Petite: Wacoal, Lula Lu Petites, jesus fernandez

jesus fernandez – (made by passionate artisans in Buenos Aires is very special). Available in North America online at –

Have a peek at the lingerie boards for blush & jesus fernandez on Intrigue Imports at:

INtrigue INsider – jf LoveLace

More and more women are choosing gorgeous underwear as one of life’s little luxuries.                        Need is debatable, it’s about enjoyment.

From the jf couture collection.  With lingerie a woman can feel special every day.
From the jf couture collection.  With lingerie a woman can feel special every day.

Name me one woman who doesn’t love lace?  For every one who does not, there are 1,000 more who do.  It’s been in fashion forever.  It’s so pretty and feminine that it’s no wonder season after season, lace is featured on catwalks from New York to Paris.

Italian Silk & Tulle with Lace.
Italian Silk & Tulle with French Lace – handmade in Buenos Aires by jesus fernandez collection

While these exquisite lingerie sets are not your typical everyday wear (but why not?) for most, wearing them brings you up a notch in the glamor department or at least it makes you feel that way which is the most important.

Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face makes for a winning combo
Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face makes for a winning combo

Chantilly handmade lace is known for its fine ground, outlined pattern and abundant detail.  Today’s resurgence in fashion for all things bedecked with ribbons and bows have hip lingerie designers turning to vintage details for their divine INspiration.

Italian Satin & French Lace.  No wonder she's smokin HOT
Italian Satin & embroidered French Lace. No wonder she’s smokin HOT!

From the jesus fernandez (made in Buenos Aires) RETRO collection – *french sizing.                             Available in very limited supply at

*Make sure to check the sizing chart on website for the equivalent North American sizes.

Silk and Lace – love the bow detail


INtrigue INsider – INdispensable

RED is known as the COLOR of LOVE….

Carmen from "Mujeres" Jesus Fernandez.
Carmen from Jesus Fernandez “Mujeres” Collection.  Limited Edition piece.
Jesus Fernandez "Mujeres" Limited Edition
Camille from “Mujeres” Collection – Limited Edition –  Jesus Fernandez
Jesus Fernandez "Retro" Collection
Jesus Fernandez “Retro” Collection.  Limited Edition in shades of chocolate.















but sometimes nothing beats CHOCOLATE for the feeling of LOVE.

LCE02-grande atras - CopyLCE02-grande frenteTokio Collection camisole & thong from Jesus Fernandez Buenos Aires.

Available in limited quantity at

INtrigue INsider – life is a “Kabarett Collection” old chum

With JesusFernandez why not let the Kabarett come to you?

Meet Heidi & Frieda from the Kabarett Berlin collection – two sassy girls from Berlin’s most lavish cabaret venue from the 1920’s where they starred with an international line-up of magicians, acrobats, artists and clowns. The show was mesmerising!


A few pieces still available at                                        

See JF collection

INtrigue INsider – IN jesus fernandez

Let’s revisit the artful jesus (pronounced he-zeus) fernandez lingerie collection from Buenos Aires. Incorporating the fine art of corsetry, every piece is hand made by a dedicated team that put passion into every single stitch.

Shown here are some limited editions which are available while quantities last at


You can take an additional 20% off purchase with mention of this blog for the whole month of November.  Please note: whatever you see on website is what is available – no more of these limited editions or one-of-a-kind will be produced.  French Sizes as marked – please check sizing sheet to find your equivalent size.

Le babydoll – in Italian satin – all different designs
“Le Bodie” Couture Collection

from Kabarett Berlin
Couture Collection

Tokyo collection

INtrigue INsider – All I know…


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