Feel-good Friday: last weekend of


Here are 10 things to feel good about this weekend...besides two glorious days off:

  1. Getting your taxes done (it’s not really feel-good but you will feel better when they’re done).
  2. Something to look forward to – May weather should be drier.
  3. Getting a bike tune-up (I just did) for good weather riding.
  4. I’ve gone a few shades lighter with wispy bangs & rounder sunglasses

    Lighter clothing.

  5.  Change a little something about yourself even if it’s only your hair.
  6. Tulips & Daffodils.
  7. Cherry Blossoms.
  8. Better weather (did I just say that?).
  9. April is from the latin verb “Aperire” which means to open yourself up.  Go for it – you have two more days!
  10. April showers bring May flowers.  It’s a cliché I know but…it’s true.

 Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy whatever is left of April.