Style: Rock Star Nails

How far will we go to be head to TOEnails IN fashion?

nail trendsAs in clothing right now we can experiment with fun colors & styles for our nails as almost anything goes.

from: clutchmagonline
from: clutchmagonline

You need patience and time to pull off a full-on monet style set of nails whether you’re the one doing it or leaving it

from: thegirlylooks
from: thegirlylooks – going for the GOLD

to a professional. 

from: exquisitegirl
from: exquisitegirl

While I love these looks I tend to be most daring with bold color and a little  design for toes while keeping nails to a mostly bare minimum.

Too boring? I think neutral nails look sophisticated.
Too boring? I think neutral nails look sophisticated.

If you busy your hands all the time because of using a keyboard and cooking, nails tend to chip a lot which looks really noticeable with darker polish unless it’s a gel.   Once I tried a gel mani and loved that it didn’t chip for all of two weeks (a milestone) but when I went back to have it taken off, my nails weakened with the strong chemicals needed to remove the leftover polish.  Scrap that.  Do only for special occasions like a two week vacation or over the holidays.Summer-2013-Animal-Print-Nail-Color-01

I love some *sparkle to top it all off  but let’s talk about how easy is it to take off – NOT!  It’s as simple as soaking nails in acetone to get polish completely removed.  Not to mention the little sparkles that you find on your clothing or bathroom floor.  Also if you cook a lot – not so pretty when you notice faded or removed polish right before serving. *The real gold flecks from OPI’s “man with the golden gun” tend not to do this & look great especially over darker polish.

pretty shades of Lancome
pretty shades by Lancôme

Tried the Sally Hansen stick on nail stickers (an easy way to do leopard & lace) but they lasted all of one hour because I didn’t put a topcoat on. My sister advised me they need a TOPcoat. Once they start to peel it’s so tacky & all the rest must be removed immediately. 

Designers are paying more and more attention to nails for the runway trying to cover all the bases.

The BASEics:

When applying light polish, put a milky basecoat on in between coats – it will give the polish an even surface to adhere to as lighter shades can be streaky.  Try Seche ridge filling base coat.

Base coats extend the life of your manicure and keep your polish chip-free longer.  They’re supposed to make your nails last at least one week – this never happens for me but I wear it anyway.

It will help prevent dark colors from staining your nail beds. We’ve all experienced the yellow nails that often follow dark nail polish – this phenomenon can be prevented with the right base coat. And with deep fall colors coming into season, it’s more important than ever to use one.

Still, I don’t want to put too much effort into nails.  How about you?  Are you NAILing it?