The way to spray you say?


You know how a little dab will do you?  Well a little spritz is even better.  Perfume can be easily overdone to the point of turning people off with an overwhelming smell instead of a delicate but delightful scent.

We’ve all stood next to someone on an elevator who’s overdone it on the perfume front.  The floor you’re waiting to get off on can’t come faster.  For me having allergies, I can’t stop sneezing.  If it’s cheap perfume even worse.  So I suggest:

Take a clue from hairdresser and grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye, the series on Netflix.

He suggests the best way is to spray away from you, wait a second or two and walk right through it.  This is best done without clothing.  I’ve tried it.  It words beautifully and is not overpowering.  It leaves you with a more gentle fragrance.  Don’t Delay. Try it soon.

Jonathan Van Ness




What’s IN store – a SHOP-EAU-HOLIC comes to her senses

Let’s get personal.  Our fragrance says a lot more about us than we think!

MiN scent bar
                     MiN scent bar

What aspect of our characters do we want to project to the world?  Feminine, sexy, bold, down-to-earth, tomboyish, loud, exciting, etc.

MiN scent2My Ana Suidreamssignature scent is running low and short of trying to locate the *discontinued fragrance with heavenly vanilla & lavender notes online, maybe I should consider something new. I’ve tried the Jasmine & Bergamot and Vanille & Narcisse Eau de Toilettes by L’Occitane which both smelled exquisite but ended up becoming too overpowering.  On the hunt…

*(I hate when they discontinue things we love – but more on this in my beauty post.)

I’m looking for something feminine but a little exotic, not overpowering but sophisticated.  Italian, Japanese & Indian cuisine are among my favorite foods but I also enjoy a good steak once in a while, the colors pink & blue and vacations anywhere tropical.  What does have to do with anything?  You’ll find out.  What does this say about me? I’m a bit all over the map.  How about you?

Finding a new fragrance should be a guided experience, like a wine tasting, according to the owner of a cozy little boutique in Soho where signature scents are discovered one confession at a time. 

MiN was opened by proprietors Chad Murawczk and Mindy Yang in 2010 selling dozens of indie and limited-distribution scents from around the world.  With so many scents to choose from, visitors need a little direction.  That’s where MiN’s Bespoke Fragrance Flight comes in:  the $250 hour-long, one-on-one consultation includes an interview and multiple rounds of recommendations, from which you can whittle your way to a signature spritz. Questions like where did you grow up, what are your favorite foods, colors, treasured vacations, current romantic status, and – possibly the most probing question of all – what do you want to convey to the world?

This is kind of like therapy except that you end up exploring multitudes of fruits, florals and spices.  You can take about five favorites and a couple wild card sample vials to try out at home.  A lot of times clients get stopped on the street and that determines their final choice – a random compliment.  For one client the chosen fragrance is an escape from the stress of New York –  the special blend of citrus, wood, moss and sea-salt conjuring up memories of childhood summers spent sailing on Washington’s Puget Sound.  It was that blissful carefree memory that sold her in the end.  That’s the power of using your common scents.

We don’t all live in New York, but we may want to try blending in once in a while. 

Is there a local fragrance bar in your area?