Feel-good Friday: Pitbulls in Flower Crowns

Why; is that so weird?pittbull10

I crown this Save a Pitbull Day!pittbull7What can be more uplifting than these Instagram photos…just be a CAUSEpittbull6As a way to find shelter pitbulls happy homes, New York City photographer Sophie Gamand takes ethereal shots of them wearing adorable homemade flower crowns.pittbull4

“I volunteer at animal shelters a lot, but I always tense around pit bulls because of things I’d heard in the media. I wanted to confront my apprehensions.” pittbull3“After researching, I found out that more than one million pit bulls are euthanized each year in the US,” she said. “Then the project started feeling more important to me.”pittbull2“Shoots can take one minute, or thirty minutes,” says the photographer. “It completely depends on the dog.” Gamand makes a unique flower crown for each pup.pitbull5Now try to top hat that??

I deserve to be saved
I deserve to live

Won’t it make you feel good to save a dog (not just a pittbull, but any dog) from being euthanized?

As told to Bazaar Magazine