Vintage Market Street Style

Introducing Alexis, who moved to Palm Springs one week ago from New York.  Stalked Approached her last Sunday at the once-a-month Palm Springs Vintage Market.  My friend and I couldn’t help but notice her put together from head-to-toe unique look.  Had to talk to her.

Photo: d. king

Alexis told us she’s starting her own line here in Palm Springs.  More on that later.   She previously was assistant to designer Stacey Bendet of Alice & Olivia – a New York City-based contemporary clothing company which I happen to like very much.  The global brand launched at Barneys in 2002, and is now sold in over fifty countries.

Photo: d. king

It’s no secret I Love Hats. Among her personal line will be hats (she makes them herself) with interesting interior linings such as this.  Hidden surprises are always nice. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.  Until then….

Here’s a Sneak Peek:

Happy Weekend!



Monday Mood Board #5

For the love of hats & personal style (and things I like)

Variety from Lesley’s Girls Vintage Lifestyle
Sole Society Straw Panama Hat from summer box of STYLE

pajama dressing for daytime – zoe report.

I don’t know who makes these but they look like an interesting conversation pair of slightly uncomfortable shoes.

And finally, the woman who set so many trends that are still HOT

Nicknamed ‘Coco’ after a brief spell as a cabaret dancer, Coco Chanel was inspired by the bourgeois class of Paris to start creating hats. … Coco Chanel became a licensed modiste in 1910 and opened her first millinery boutique ‘Chanel Modes’ at 21 rue Cambon. 

Oh; something else you should know

 There’s plenty more to follow 

Top Style – the Happy Hatter

A tip-off to hat lovers everywherehat1

“Wide brimmed and narrow, some tall, some not, some fancy, some colorful, some plaid, some plain. She doted on changing hats at every opportunity. When she met the Prince, she was wearing one hat, when he asked her for a stroll, she excused herself, shortly to return wearing another, equally flattering.” – William Goldman, The Princess Bride (loved that movie).hat2Hats are radical; only people that wear hats understand that. Philip Treacy (Irish milliner/designer based in London).hat3

Take off your hat,” the Girl King said to the Mad Hatter.
“It isn’t mine,” said the Hatter.
“Stolen!” the King exclaimed, turning to the jury, who instantly made a memorandum of the fact.
“I keep them to sell,” the Hatter added as an explanation; “I’ve none of my own. I’m a hatter.”  – Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glasshats1hats2hats3hats4    The Wide Brimmed Stetson, a Personal Style Favourite (last 4 photos)

Taken by Garance Doré (blogger, photographer, illustrator, author). 

Wear them weather permitting and without permission.


Feel-good Friday: Pitbulls in Flower Crowns

Why; is that so weird?pittbull10

I crown this Save a Pitbull Day!pittbull7What can be more uplifting than these Instagram photos…just be a CAUSEpittbull6As a way to find shelter pitbulls happy homes, New York City photographer Sophie Gamand takes ethereal shots of them wearing adorable homemade flower crowns.pittbull4

“I volunteer at animal shelters a lot, but I always tense around pit bulls because of things I’d heard in the media. I wanted to confront my apprehensions.” pittbull3“After researching, I found out that more than one million pit bulls are euthanized each year in the US,” she said. “Then the project started feeling more important to me.”pittbull2“Shoots can take one minute, or thirty minutes,” says the photographer. “It completely depends on the dog.” Gamand makes a unique flower crown for each pup.pitbull5Now try to top hat that??

I deserve to be saved
I deserve to live

Won’t it make you feel good to save a dog (not just a pittbull, but any dog) from being euthanized?

As told to Bazaar Magazine

Scene: Fashion & FASCINATORing People

The Deighton Cup is probably the most fashionable and social event of the summer.

Vancouverites don’t normally get the opportunity to wear a fancy hat.  The usual fare is baseball and straw oriented versions, but this past weekend proved different.race4

Horse racing has long been synonymous with the elaborate hat designs that trot near the track.

It’s a millinery tradition honed over the decades into a famous and frequently outrageous art form, illustrated most decoratively from the well-heeled meets of the Kentucky Derby to England’s Royal Ascot.  A chance to display the

my sis Lisa
my sis Lisa

bizarre and the beautiful.


Some of the fashionable.  I think I know the cool dude on the left.
Some of the fashionable. I think I know the cool dude on the left.  It’s Beau, my sister’s beaufriend.

From the Deighton Cup at Hastings Racecourse to West Vancouver’s Royal Tea-by-the-Sea, there were plenty of opportunities to wear your hat for the scene and be-seen crowd.  I can’t believe I didn’t go because I love hats and horses so much however my sister went.  race6

The “Deighton Cup” is a three day Horse Racing Event to liven up the season at a track that already draws plenty of attention.race8race7

Photo credits: The Queen of Hearts headpiece, created by The Saucy Milliner for the Deighton Cup event, is made of handrolled sinamay roses. Photo by Abbye Dahl of for the Vancouver Sun.
The Queen of Hearts headpiece, created by The Saucy Milliner for the Deighton Cup event, is made of handrolled sinamay roses. Photo by Abbye Dahl of for the Vancouver Sun.
Lauren Hutton for Bazaar Magazine - love the headpiece.
Lauren Hutton for Bazaar Magazine – How cool is the headpiece & this lady?

Photo Credits: Lisa King + Beau Schwab.

 I’ll have to settle for a Mad Hatter Tea party!