Drugstore Diva – ScandalEYES

Rimmel Scandal EyesP.R. – Scandal Eyes from Rimmel

I really like easy eye pencils. Fat or thin, high-end to low,  I don’t care as long as they work well.

Recently I purchased the ones shown here from Rimmel for about $5 each – all three cost less than the price of one that I’ve bought from places like Sephora.  Nice range of colours too.

This eyeliner is extremely soft so it goes on nicely and stays put for hours.  I would recommend using the white to rim the inside of your lower lashes for a bright-eyed look, the golden/beige for the lids to open up the eye and the vibrant blue on the upper lids very close to the lashline to make your whites look whiter.  What I’m finding out is that maybe I need more sleep but in the meantime these help.

Have you tried them?  What else would you recommend?