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Vancouver’s Best Kept Secret – “Tea So Divine!”

signThe name of a unique little shop I discovered for the first time last week after having sushi.  It looked intriguing from the outside (as in not so sure exactly what to expect) and it’s not your typical tea shop.  Indeed not! I had to step inside. (double click on any photo to enlarge).

magic 2I loved all the different one-of-a-kind hand painted tea cups from the Orient and their great smelling variety of teas.  Not to mention a few healthy skin care products, jewelery and cooking oil.

Tea So DivineI bought what is supposedly the “world’s best” Earl Grey loose leaf.  It apparently won the award but even if that wasn’t the case the smell alone was enough to grab me. Yes; I’d love to take a few photos and write something for my blog so more people will know about this new find.

cups & cannisters
cups & canisters

Stephen the owner is clearly not impressed and asked me why I would want to do that when he hadn’t even explained to me the “real” uniqueness of his shop.  I was missing a few key elements.

For instance, his magic tea cups made of Tourmaline & 20 other crystals that generate far-infrared rays & negative ions. So they were more than just a pretty cup!  He is the only person carrying them and explained that it makes any drink taste better.

Stephen holding up a "magic" cup.
Stephen holding up a “magic” cup.

Makes tap water taste like spring water, tea & even coffee smoother, sweeter, softer & cleaner.  He really educated me on the whole deal and all the health benefits involved.  Soft clean water boosts metabolism, blood circulation, weight loss, immunity & well being.  How just holding the magic cup brings relaxation & clarity to the person holding it.  He insists the cup will change my life. Magic words. Maybe he’s just a really good salesperson but he was so convincing that I’m going back to pick my “perfect” cup.  I have to give it some thought as it will be my “cup for life!”  We’re not finished…


tea 2


there’s the Tea “Seed” Oil (not to be confused with tea “tree” oil) oilwhich is cold pressed and extracted from green tea seeds and Stephen says it has better health benefits than that of both virgin coconut & olive oil. He’s very convincing but it’s almost too much for me to take in.  I start looking into it myself and find out that yes, it contains one of the LOWEST levels of saturated fats and is one of the HIGHEST levels of healthy mono unsaturated fats.  It has a great source of vital Vitamin E, antioxidants, healthy omega 6 and 9 fatty acids.  Rich in vitamins & minerals, it contains high levels of vitamins A, B and E.  It is also a good source of the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron manganese.  Hey there’s even more but the thing is it is also the healthiest all-purpose cooking oil as it has one of the highest smoking points (252 C, or 486 F).  Also an excellent carrier oil for skincare products. AHA moment!  In that case we’re looking into adding it to our new “get spOILed” facial oil.  I leave feeling slightly overwhelmed but satiated with this new discovery.  I’ll mull it over a cup of tea at home.

This one appeals to me
This one appeals to me
This one too.
This one too.

Store location:  3175 W Broadway in Kitsilano.  Tel: 604.783.3909

Website: http://teasodivine.biz


Best selection of healing teas.
Best selection of healing teas.
Store Front
Store Front

p.s. This could be a whole post on its own but yesterday I went in to take these photos and was in for an unexpected treat.  Feeling a bit run down I was ordered asked to sit down and drink several cups of healing tea inside a magic cup of course, while sitting in front of an infrared heat lamp (he has so many gadgets not available in North America) while wearing an infrared heating pad, crystal chain, healing bracelets and was treated to a very effective but somewhat painful Meridian point neck massage.  This guy is not fooling around & he seems to know what he’s doing because I did feel better after.  Not to mention more relaxed and centered. Talk about getting spoiled!


Personal Post – Haven’t Got a Pot to Tea in?

  Check these out! 

First thing in the morning I want my coffee.  Usually it’s made before I even get out of bed.  That’s how bad it is.  But I love little teapots so much I’m intending to drink more tea.


We have a whole pantry shelf filled with all kinds of teas you can’t even imagine, loose and bagged.  If I buy a really cute teapot like the red one with the dragonflys it will make me drink more tea.  I just know it!

To the LEFT, to the LEFT (also comes in green).

Timing is everything.  This just in: Green tea has a distinct metabolic effect that increases your metabolism by up to 4 percent. This means that many people can burn an additional 70 calories per day or lose at least 3 to 7 lbs in a year by drinking green tea. The drink is rich in catechins that help increase the amount of “Norepinephrine” which is a metabolism-increasing brain chemical.  Even though I can’t pronounce some of the words that describes how good it is for you it makes me want to drink more GREEN.  I can’t wait to get started.  Tomorrow morning.

All available (maybe not the red one if I get there before you do) at this store at Granville Island.