Wine Wednesday: Vin Van


Inclusive and approachable evenings centered around a love of wine.


Vin Van is a pop-up wine company run by two friends, neighbours and wine obsessives: Jo & Steph.
Hailing from different sides of the Atlantic, they were on the same page when it came to what was missing from the food and drink culture in Vancouver, and decided to try something of their own.

“We run a weekly wine bar on Wednesday’s at Dock Lunch, a wine focused supper club series in unexpected locations throughout the city, as well as bespoke private and corporate events.

These events are about sharing our combined mix of influences of good wine and food in unpretentious, approachable environments.

Inspired by the wine bars of Europe, our wine bar evenings aim to be casual, inclusive and never pretentious. We bring in new wines every week so there’ll always be something surprising to sip on!”


Find time to wine

Wine is one of the most cultivated things in the world…

A good pinot noir (and gris) is among some of my favourites.  There’s a whole long list of others.

and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.” – Ernest Hemingway

Visiting a vineyard has always been a pleasant past time of mine.  Here in Vancouver we have a few local wineries a little bit off the beaten path.  Last month I re visited Township 7 (in the 7th Township of Langley, off the highway in the Fraser Valley area) with a friend.

I tried to locate a Township 7 Merlot that was part of a Christmas gift basket but everyone that previously had it in stock was sold out.  After exhausting my search I decided to go directly to the source – Township 7 in Langley.  Their other location (Naramata Bench in the beautiful Okanagan Valley) was several more hours away by car.

Once there we ended up doing a tasting.

just a tiny one

Once finished we ended up becoming wine club members.  Which means that every season we’ll be getting drunk several bottles shipped to us.  Which means that by Spring/Summer we’re certain to be in the red.  Other than that, we’re always white and bubbly.

I  look forward to further introducing your senses to BC wine along with the art, culture and culinary experiences brought together by knowledgeable people and others who like to indulge appreciate good wine and good times.  Life is meant to be relished.  

our kids were so patient

Have a great weekend.

Photos (this page): d. king




Join the Club and know not what to expect

Woody Allen quoting Groucho Marx – “I’d never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member.”

flirtI’ve been curious about belonging to some club other than the gym I go to.  While I do enjoy reading, book clubs can be boring and members not always on the same page. I need something a bit more exciting.  It would be nice to belong to a golf or tennis club – or better still, a yacht club but I’d end up using the privileges for the bar or restaurant because I’m not so good at either golf or tennis.  I do really enjoy sitting on a sailboat drinking wine sailing.

Anyway I found something I excel at – wine tasting, wine drinking and wine sourcing (for drinking purposes).  So I joined a wine club.  Every month starting mid-May I’ll be getting 3 (starting out small) exceptional bottles from Marquis wine club delivered to my front door.  All of which are not easily found elsewhere in the BC marketplace and many of the selections are brought in just for the club, and thus are not available anywhere else.  Talk about customer service and aiming to please: they claim to deliver great value wines that are delicious and technically superior to many wines available in the marketplace. They guarantee all of their wines, meaning if you really don’t like one, or if it’s flawed in some way, you can let them know and they’ll send you another bottle.  What’s not to like?

Then I plan to do wine/food pairings based on the particular bottles received – looking forward to that.  Most people plan their meal and then choose the wine to go along but this time it will be WINE FIRST.  I love the element of surprise….(of course providing it’s a good surprise).  I’ll update you later with results.  Until then….cheers!wine1 wine4

Have you ever been part of a wine club?  If so tell me how you enjoyed the choices? Did they deliver?

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