Conventional Canine

By chance we found out about a not so conventional convention put on by the ASSA in Kissimmee, Florida.  It stands for the American Shetland Sheepdog Association.  It was a short driving distance from where we were & too close to avoid. It’s held in various locations every year and people come from all over the country with their shelties and they take it quite seriously.  I was wondering why people kept asking “are you here for the convention?” As soon as we checked in to our hotel we met at least a dozen of JiaJia’s relatives just outside the lobby.  Inside the exposition there were hundreds in various stages either awaiting their turn or already on show.  They sell all kinds of sheltie souvenirs too.

It's a pleasure to meet you



Unfortunately we missed the sheep & duck herding competition and the agility competition which were held on the weekend but we did see the “bitches in season” competition which JiaJia was most interested in watching. He’s trying to get another category started called “running with the waves” as he would naturally come in front runner.

First we sniff then we play
I'm waiting for my big break
Are we up yet? Are we up yet?
Send in the This one's going to take a while.
Let the competition begin

While we don’t intend to make this an annual event it was rather interesting and hilarious. You’ll never see so many loveable shelties in one location again – ever.  JiaJia certainly was amused.  He’s still #1 with us!

I'm only 6 mos. but my day will come

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