Siesta Key is #1

Siesta Key is a beautiful barrier island eight miles long just offshore of Sarasota situated between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  Siesta Key was voted #1 best beach in the USA in 2011 because of the pure white sand, which is 99% pure quartz crystal and always cool to the touch.

You will find it alive with tropical atmosphere, blessed with the “world’s finest, whitest beaches,” filled with charming hideaways, and always offering plenty to do – but it is also a place to relax, and let the warm breezes, cool water and soft sand transport you to your personal paradise!  It has clear, warm waters and tropical nature preserves.  The area is a haven for vacationers from all over the world.

Publications the world over has sung the praises of Siesta Key’s powdery, white sand beaches and breathtaking scenery. The picturesque view of a Siesta Key sunset must be seen, to be believed.

Interesting tidbit:  What do Naples, Venice Beach and Panama City all have in common?  They’re all right here in Florida.  We’ve been to all 3 and Naples is almost like a little Beverly Hills.

Cheers everyone!

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