“Sea of Inspiration”

Summer is around the corner………or so it seems if you consider all the references to “the sea” in all the latest fashion magazines and on the runway.  Don’t we all gravitate towards things from the SEA?  We must make the most of summer months by wearing little summer dresses, seashell necklaces & carrying wicker handbags.  Oh; and flip flops.

From Marie Claire

Alright maybe it’s a bit premature but looking at these photos makes me feel better.

Carly Simon writes: Margot Datz’s ability to communicate a fragile and funny reality is unique to her. I’ve never seen anything like it.



Tell me as a little girl you never pretended to be a Mermaid.  There is something fascinating and mysterious about them.  This book by Margot Datz that I picked up in Florida is fabulous for us grown up mermaids.

It is a handbook for the landlocked mermaid, survival tips for the stranded sea nymph’s soul.

The world has changed but Fairytales are still going strong if it’s any indication from all the new movies coming out.

An excerpt

Have you ever seen a mermaid’s lingerie?  She invented the fishnet stockings!  She put the naughty in nautical!





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