One thing to another – handy home décor ideas


What to do with that rusty old ladder?

This ladder is an antique (which sounds better than just plain “old”) and used as a stand for potted herbs or plants in buckets that were just lying around.  You can clean it up but  the seasoned patina gives it a vintage look.  Drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket so plants can drain.


Use a bucket to hold an umbrella for your outdoor table
From a distance

Fill the inside of bucket with decorative rocks or shells to make it more solid.  This is cheaper, more imaginative & more attractive than an original weighted stand.

You can double it for your Christmas tree stand.

Bamboo Ladder

I have three of these bamboo ladders which are used to  display magazines.  They work better and are more imaginative than an ordinary magazine rack.  They would  look as good in your bedroom with scarves or throws hanging from them or used as a towel rack in the bathroom.

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