One Thing to Another – handy home décor ideas

Beautiful baskets, buckets and bowls

 I collect baskets and bowls among other things from various travels and then wonder where to put them all or how to make use of them once home.

when not in use as a salad bowl this ebony beauty from Kenya holds rice & grains.

The most obvious – for fruit
In background – another wood fruit bowl from Brazil


So many baskets – so many uses.

I try to find ways to store things in as many baskets as possible.

As you can see from the photos there are several ways you can use and display your baskets and make them functional too.




Hand woven Zulu basket from Durban, S.A.  Glass insert for flowers.
Papyrus Egyptian used as sewing basket



various baskets for holding plants & herbs

Rattan square for magazines & wicker oblong for books
this wicker basket from Guadalajara keeps hair appliances neatly tucked away






For containing guest towels
It’s what’s inside that counts













Not “just” a zulu basket

What do you put in yours?