Picture This! Jia Jia as the Face of Fido?

Have you cast your VOTE yet?

Jia Jia

If not, what are you waiting for?  Time is running out.  Go directly to link below for Fido Casting Call 2:


and VOTE NOW! 

It’s a long shot but every vote counts.   PLUS… Fido will pay $1 per vote to support Lions Foundation of Canada Guide Dogs. 

Confessions of a Dogaholic – part two:  More reasons why I love…….

This is one book I should have written

We’ve had dogs and cats in our family since I was born.  Growing up with animals is wonderful and while I like dogs I’ve always been more partial to cats…..until now.

Maybe that’s because this little sheltie has many “cat”acteristics.  He’s agile, very curious and fascinated by cats. He just stops and stares whenever one is nearby.  He’s a dogcat!

He can’t go by a baby without saying hello


He still believes in love at first sight
Shows compassion for those stuck at home


His eyes always follow one little fish in the tank.
On occasion he likes to visit wineries.           This one in Napa.
Gets tired after a long day of playing football
But most of all never misses an opportunity to run along the beach.  Here in Oregon.



Has some good pick up lines. “Did you know that if you’re not a sheltie you’re just another dog!”

*Fido is a Canadian cellular phone company.


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