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Who says that labels aren’t important?

Surveys repeatedly show that 80 to 90 percent of Canadians and Americans want labelling to tell them when food has been genetically engineered.  Yet huge corporations don’t want us to know what’s in our food, and governments are listening to them instead of consumers.

But in November 2012, Californians will vote on Proposition 37, which would require clear labelling of foods produced through genetic engineering.  Why is this relevant to us in BC?  A victory in California could be the catalyst that finally brings GE food labelling to other states and because of our history of harmonizing food laws with the US, to Canada.

The corporations who profit from GE foods are spending huge amounts of money on ad campaigns designed to scare Californians into voting NO to proposition 37.  Of course Monsanto’s on that list, but so are many big grocery brands that might be on your pantry shelves.  We were saddened and perplexed to see Ocean Spray among them; why would a farmer-owned co-operative fight so hard to keep consumers from knowing what’s in their food?

On a more positive note, we’re proud of Richmond based Nature’s Path, a heroic local company that has given funds to support the YES campaign.  Thank you, Nature’s Path – and all the other companies and individuals who are standing up for the rights of consumers.  After all, when the citizens of countries as diverse as China, UK, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Latvia, and many others (40+ in total) already have laws requiring the labelling of GE foods, isn’t it perfectly reasonable for us to expect the same?

For further information visit: http://carighttoknow.org                                                          Taken from Edible Vancouver Magazine

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