Scene in the City – healthy living!

Being healthy…is about more than simply exercising and being mindful of what one eats and drinks.  It’s also about the daily choices that affect our environment, which can equally influence our bodies.  Being Green…is about the choices we make that will help to keep the air and water clean, and our forests green.  This includes choosing recycled and recyclable materials, renewable and sustainably produced materials, local products whenever possible, and minimizing waste throughout each project. Furthermore…

Gain strength & stamina with this powerful “Maca”

Anyone visiting the Vancouver Health Show this past weekend got a glimpse into some of the latest and greatest health products available from the many participating vendors.

My favourite booth (although I am a tiny bit biased) was the one from Preferred Nutrition featuring an amazing selection of “ultimateproducts formulated by none other than my own brother Brad King.  So even if I am a teensy weensy bit biased I can attest to using and loving many of the products.  They are simply put “The Best of the Best” with the new highest quality “High-Alpha Whey Protein” unlike any other protein formula available today.

THIS is the WHEY to go!

Have you ever heard of or tried Maca? More on Maca on an upcoming B Well health post because this deserves a post of its own and everyone needs to know about this amazing Peruvian Superfood.

Then there’s the ISO Energy Whey Protein which helps to regulate metabolism and hydrate the body at the cellular level among many other advantages.


Finally let’s look at “The Ultimate Male Solutions” product line helpful for Male EnergyLibido and even Prostate.  Now who doesn’t want their man to restore a healthy testosterone status while helping to enhance libido in a natural and highly effective manner??

Brad King in the Preferred Nutrition Booth

ULTIMATEly you can find out more information on these amazing products and more by visiting their website at:

Material taken from in Health Show Brochure.

A most excellent key-note speaker but I’m NOT the only one saying that.

After all that I forgot to drop in at  the “Yoga Show” which was on right next door in the very same building of the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre – next time.

A very proud sister

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