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Let me introduce to you Fala Chien Fala2 fala3 fala4 fala5 Fala7 Fala8 Fala9 Fala10 Fala by fala Fala by Fala Chien

Fala is a fashion designer with her own line, a friend and someone I worked with at 4th Ave. Boutique.  She’s a quadruple threat….young, smart, talented and beautiful.  Fala currently spends her time jetting between New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai & Taiwan.  She recently showcased her newest collection at New York Fashion week where she garnered attention from the media and was named new up and coming designer.  You go girl!

Fala’s signature: simple, playful garments, each with its own unique personality like dresses that can be worn inside out, dress and jacket alter-egos with adjustable sleeves and other adaptable combinations. As Fala says, “fashion should be fun and playful.”

ABOUT FALA CHIEN – As a professional woman and a fashion designer, Fala understands the difficulty of balancing strength and femininity. This is the reason Fala is inspired to design clothing that make women feel both sexy and powerful at the same time. Her aim is to present clothing with “multi-wear” functionality that can be worn from morning until night. Simple yet Detailed.  After ten years of working in various areas of the fashion industry, Fala debued her brand during Vancouver Fashion Week in 2008. Since then, she has been featured in several prestigious international fashion shows, and has often appeared in fashion magazines and newspapers worldwide. In addition, “Fala” by Fala Chien has become the brand of choice for many celebrities when they attend movie premieres and fashion events. From New York to Hong Kong, one can detect the newest collection from “Fala” by Fala Chien in many local prestigious boutiques & shops. I’m so proud of you Fala & I love my clothes made by you.fala12

like this coat made by Fala which I love
In my Fala designed wool coat

fala pink


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