style & design – 50 shades of chocolate

While on the subject of chocolate I thought about posting a few photos of things I really like ….in Chocolate.chocolate shades of nail polish

HAIR Rich Chocolate with a hint of Caramel and ZERO calories. 

A chocolate brunette
A well- coiffed Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives.            Photo – Marie Claire magazine.


chocolate labAnd a CUTE CHOCOLATE LAB PUP.

A brown bed for pup
Chocolate dog – Chocolate bed


Nice Brown Bag
A nice brown bag – LV
A lovely home theatre - but not mine.
A lovely home theater – so comfy you may fall asleep watching the movie.
Multi chocolate bedroom
Multi-chocolate bedroom

chocolate brown boot

a prefer this mix of white, milk & caramel.
I prefer a mix of white, milk & caramel.

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