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wolford stockings3I can’t imagine a world without Wolford!  I’ve never enjoyed wearing stockings so much and they’ve made it difficult to go back to basics.  Wolford is a remarkable brand onto themselves.  A stunning range of fashion tights & hosiery incomparable to anything else on the current market.  Basically no other stocking can compare. They make a fashion statement on their own.  Instead of putting your stockings on last, you put these on first and then find something to go along.  Most likely people won’t be able to take their eyes off your legs so you can stick on the plainest dress or skirt overtop and it will look great. wolford1

Wolford is known mainly for glamorous legwear but they’ve grown to include an international premium brand of ready-to-wear, lingerie, swimwear and accessories.  The company whose head office is located in Austria,  spans over 60 years and  fulfills their claim of being both unique and unmistakable.  For instance their sought after bodysuits do not have any seams. wolford stockings2

In the late 1990s, the company’s advertising campaign was shot by the photographer Helmut Newton.

Sexy Shapewear

Rachel D. from Los Angeles, Ca has this to say: The gentleman who gave me my first pair of Wolford tights sparked a serious and expensive addiction.  These beautiful patterned tights are warm, cozy and totally sexy.  I went back and bought a pair of twenties-style fishnets that make me feel like a million bucks.    Sexy legs deserve the best in hosiery. Wolford is the only way to go!

Luz C. from Brooklyn, N.Y. writes:                   Once you go Wolford, you’ll never go back. I’ve had some pairs for years and washed them many, many times without ever seeing a degradation in quality or durability. I would say if you can swing it price-wise, they are one hundred percent worth the cost. I would always prefer to pay more for something of good quality that will last a long time than pay a low price for something of poor quality that I’m going to have to replace ten times.

Poster with bodysuit & stockings
Poster with Wolford bodysuit & stockings

Vancouver Location is at 753 Burrard St. (between Robson & Alberni).

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