style & substance – Grey Matters

50 Shades or more.  Okay, so I’m just one more person making a play on words of “that” book and I haven’t even read it.  But the title did get me thinking of all the glorious variations on this timeless hue.  Grey is classic like black and white –a wardrobe staple that never goes out of season. A neutral (never boring) shade that can be worn with almost every color and dressed up with accessories.  It suits almost every skin tone too.  It’s a great basic to any outfit.grey clothing

Some name droppingFeather, Heather, Dove, Gunmetal, Charcoal, Pebble, Pewter, Platinum, Oyster, Pearl, Cement, Ash, Nickel, Mica, Iron, Hematite…..any more that you can think of?

A grey bag goes with everything.
A grey bag goes with everything.

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