Does SIZE really MATTER?

Because I always thought that great Style has No Size.  Go Figure – you don’t have to be Twiggy to be stylish.

I think attitude has a lot to do with it too. Kate Moss might say “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” but I think it should be “nothing feels as good as feeling good about yourself.” Let’s have a look at some stunningly SEXY….smallish PLUS sized ladies comfortable in their own skin who can give any of us a run for our money in the style “with attitude” department.

The "Queen" herself.  Photo from Images
I would curtsy to the “Queen” herself.  Photo from Images.

Of course there’s a PLUS side to being thin in the advantage that clothes drape well on smaller sized bodies.  That’s why almost every model you see strutting down the runway is stick thin (except for Giselle who has an amazingly toned body).  But that doesn’t make you a stylish person.  It makes you a fashion(able) person.

Amazing Adele - beautiful dress at the Grammy's.
Amazing Adele – rocking a beautiful dress at the Grammys.

So could skinny finally be on its way out? Realistically, no.

Even Supermodel Lara Stone who is, by normal standards, very slim, admitted: “A lot of people say it’s nice to see someone who won’t break in half when you touch them.  But I am still a woman and a person, and if you’re compared and confronted with your colleagues and they’re half you size you think, “F***, I’m really fat!”’

But is seems that the fashion world is slowly making progress by beginning to accept more varied body shapes (it’s about time – women come in all shapes & sizes), and that there remains plenty of opportunity to embrace women that really look like women.

Photography: Solve Sundsbo
                                                    Photography: Solve Sundsbo


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