B well – Juicing the smart way

smoothies - CopyHEALTH IN A GLASS?

Whether it’s an early-morning fruit-juice fix or pulverized carrots and kale for lunch, may of us are taking our meals in liquid form. But do the health claims justify giving juice a whirl?

You can’t walk down the street these days without seeing someone sipping juice.  From trendsetting celebs to health gurus like Dr. Oz  and Oprah, it seems everyone is enjoying their salads through a straw.  And making some pretty big claims about the benefits.  Juicing, they say, can help you turn back the clock, shed unwanted pounds fast and even fight a whole host of diseases.smoothies - Copy (2)

Doctors, dietitians and nutritionists are divided as to whether juice cleanses have all the detoxifying, diet-transforming and disease-fighting properties their advocates so reverently profess.  From a medical standpoint, doctors say our bodies (specifically the kidneys and liver) are equipped to naturally remove toxins from our systems.

One thing most experts can agree on is that juicing in moderation (think a glass a day as opposed to a meal replacement) can supplement an already decent diet or help jump start a range of healthy behaviour, such as more mindful eating in general.  The bottom line is It’s fine to occasionally drink your fruits and veggies as long as you eat them often too.

Whole or pulverized, fruit and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet, so if it takes a glass of juice to help you get more of them, then that’s not entirely a bad thing.  Experiment with ingredients like ginger for energy, or antioxidant-rich beets, which are high in folate, to help protect your heart.

For a super smoothie try mixing up some high grade protein powder with wild greens, blueberries, yogurt, banana, flax seeds, wheat germ & green tea powder.

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excerpts taken from Health Trends – Chatelaine Magazine

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