Style & Substance – GILTy Pleasures

Go for the GOLD! 

choo shoe
Choo Shoe

Gold never did go out of style  except for quite a while we had a long silver streak.  Silver is still going strong and it’s safe but Gold is Bold and it’s beautiful.  Plus it was everywhere on the Spring/Summer 2013 runways.  I’m enjoying this Gold Rush resurgence.

I love O.P.I.’s limited edition “Man With the Golden Gun”  topcoat. It contains real 18K gold flecks and looks great over any dark nail polish (in photo).

I love "Man With the Golden Gun" from OPI.  It contains real 18K gold flecks (as shown in photo).

chanel suit from the "love gold" show in Cannes.  From Images
Chanel suit from the “love gold” show in Cannes (taken from Images).
Bazaar Magazine - May Issue
Bazaar Magazine – May Issue

How about you?


Are you a Gold or Silver person or bit of both?

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