Beauty – Body Butters

Natural, Nourishing, Moisturizing & Addictive Body ButtersYou can butter me up... withPacifica Body Butters

If you like Scents…..

Pacifica’s Body Butter uses luxuriously smelling signature blends made with essential and natural oils – 100% vegan and gluten-free.

I received three of them as part of a Christmas package & now I need more.  I love the Indian Coconut, Tuscan Blood Orange and Island Vanilla but there are several more exotic flavors.vanilla

Born out of a creative passion and a healthy, surfer lifestyle, Pacifica brings inspired fragrances together with the best natural ingredients to create perfect products to live with and love. With a deep respect for nature, culture, and life, Pacifica lead Perfumer and Founder, Brook Harvey-Taylor, believes that sublime fragrance and indulgent products are a right, not a privilege. This grassroots mission has lead Pacifica to develop distinctive fragrances & luxurious, eco-friendly products at a great value. Vegan and free of sulfates, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, and propylene glycol, Pacifica is a brand you can feel good about indulging in every day.

Available at Sephora

For a beautifully silky & relaxing body lotion this is my all time FAVORITE:Dream Silk Body Lotion  DREAM SILK COMFORT CREAM from

Especially for at night before bed as it slips on like a cozy pair of silk pajamas.  Made with infusions of valerian root and lavender which calms, comforts, soothes and relaxes for a deep restful sleep.

I first encountered this lotion in a yoga class when the instructor came around rubbing it into each and everyone’s temples during Shavasana.  I was immediately hooked – sometimes it only takes one try.

Do you have a favorite?

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