On the Storefront – Lace Embrace Atelier

One should never rush when putting on a corsetlaceembrace - Copylaceembrace7Dita von Teese, the queen of burlesque, adores her exclusive creations…. Cathie Jung, the Guinness World Record holder for the smallest waist, flies in to be fitted by her… Little wonder that the Tyra Banks Show recently invited Canadian Melanie Talkington to talk about her meteoric rise as one of fashion’s leading corsetières.laceembrace3   I’ve met Melanie on a handful of occasions.  From tango, to a corset fashion show put on by a friend and a photography exhibit showcasing local fashion talent. I was mesmerized by her designs and the way the models looked & behaved wearing them.

You only need to wear a Lace Embrace corset once to appreciate the true experience they offer. 

Exquisite Corsetry, Superlative Quality, Sophisticated Workmanship

laceembrace8At Lace Embrace,  they strive to ensure their corsets are an experience that will thrill you and embody your fantasies with a fit that is uniquely your own.laceembrace6

Each Lace Embrace corset begins with an inspiration from an antique corset. All patterns are verified with a sample product to ensure the correct historical shape is achieved. Upon attaining an authentic shape, a graded pattern is created to your measurements. Extra care is taken to ensure the corset moulds to your figure. All construction and placement of boning corresponds with the original corset. This precise method provides you with a corset made to support and shape your body in the same manner as the original.

laceembrace5Lace Embrace corsets combine the highest skill known to the art of corset making, actively working with historical and modern designs. With over 12 years of training and experience, they thrive on challenging designs of historical beauty and distinction.

BIO: Canadian-based Melanie Talkington’s unique, awe-inspiring corsets are wooing the world.

Vancouver, B.C. – With burlesque successfully crossing from fetish to mainstream and corsets becoming de rigueur, the world has gravitated to Ms. Talkington’s business, Lace Embrace Atelier. Her reputation as a corsetière developed through focusing her education on the art of corset making and reviving the lost art of foundation garments. Ten years later myriad people covet Talkington’s designs – often direct inspirations drawn from her antique corset collection, one of the largest in North America.laceembrace1

“I create reproductions of corsets that can withstand wear and allow people to have fun and feel beautiful,” she explains. “I intend to preserve my antique corset collection to one day open my own museum.” The Vancouver Museum has already featured her corsets for the 2003, unmentionables exhibition, as well as the Delta Museum in 2002.


Melanie is bringing back a lost art – and as women we should embrace that.



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