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The Fashion Illustrator


Last Wednesday I posted about wearing ART as Fashion.  This time I want to discuss ART IN FASHION.

I love looking at fashion illustrations almost as much as the real thing because of the beauty and artistic value. Unlike fashion photographers, illustrators normally don’t have to work with models to create fashion illustrations. Their models could be in their minds or referred to some photos. The artists have more freedom to connect emotions, artistic style to the essence of their work.vogue5


For instance, The above image was used on the front cover of Cally Blackman’s best-selling book, 100 Years of Fashion Illustration. The crystals shimmer in the night light and as if accident would have it, Downton lands one single circle of red paint vogue3precisely where the model’s nipple is hidden.  vogue2


vogue4Before fashion photography, illustrators were integral to the industry and their work featured throughout the best magazines.  Today, fashion illustrations appeal to collectors as art in their own right.

Fashion illustrators can work in a variety of environments, including fashion houses, design studios, and as freelancers, and the work can be quite diverse and interesting, especially in the case of people who are very talented.

Garance Doré
*Garance Doré – see below
Gloria Radio – Graphic & Fashion Designer, Barcelona, Spain.
Gloria Radio – Graphic & Fashion Designer, Barcelona, Spain.

Work in this field usually requires a degree from an art or fashion school, along with extensive experience in the industry. One of the most classic jobs for a fashion illustrator is in the sketching of concepts which have not yet been realized. When fashion designers start to develop a new line, they rely on fashion illustrators to bring their ideas to life so that they can have images to use in design and to sell the line before prototypes have been made. A fashion illustrator may work on everything from shoes to hats, developing and fleshing out concepts for designers.

 Long live the fashion illustrator!  I hope you enjoy the samplings chosen for this post.


*Garance Doré is an illustrator, photographer and fashion blogger. Her illustration talent has allowed her to collaborate creatively with Vogue Paris, Dior, Chopard, Louis Vuitton, Reed Krakoff, Kate Spade, Céline and many others. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in London, New York, and Sydney.  I follow her fashion blog which is in both French and English at

One thought on “style:  ART in FASHION

  1. This is a lovely piece about fashion illustrators. I am one myself and I have started a lifestyle and fashion blog where I use my illustrations to present my thoughts. If you have some time, please visit my site to see some of my work. BTW, I love that fashion illustration book.

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