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FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – another beauty product review

cle1Clé de Peau Beauté – a perennial favorite of makeup artists, models, celebrities and non celebs.

Creamy and light reflecting, this legendary cover-up is “sly like a fox and strong like an ox,” says L.A. Matthew VanLeeuwen, who works with Salma Hayek and Minka Kelly.

The balm like texture diffuses both undereye circles and blemishes but won’t leave tacky traces of its hard work.

Amada uses Ivory.  Neiman Marcus
Amada uses Ivory. Neiman Marcus

USD $70   CDN $105

Too pricey?  That depends, as it will last you at least one year and it doesn’t settle into fine lines.  I’ve had mine now for almost two years, but it still goes on nice & creamy so I don’t feel the need to trade it in for a new one just yet. If you warm the concealer a bit between your fingers it tends to blend easier.  Also, I only use it on the inner corners of my eyes.  There is good reason why this one is a cult favorite.  I haven’t come across a better one yet. You’ll just have to go to the makeup counter and decide for yourself if the price is worth it.  In Canada you can find it at Holt Renfrew.

*Available in four shades: Ivory, Ocher, Beige and Honey

 cle3InStyle Magazine named it “the best” concealer” for 2013 as well as Allure Magazine Hall of Fame award.

What’s Your Favorite Cover Up?

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