Beauty biz – benefits of Masking it

Girl witn facial mask and cucumber on her eyesSKINCARE MASKS provide some of the rewards of a salon/spa facial right at home. mask3

I try to work one into my skincare routine –  once a week, usually on a weekend and only when I’m pretty sure no one will show up at my door.  I don’t want to scare anyone wearing my full face (with cutouts for eyes & nostrils) Japanese tissue mask, or the black clay one or the blue algae. Even the dog gets scared and hides.

Using a mask is one of the steps of a good skin care regimen and they work especially when you first exfoliate.  A mask blankets the skin helping the active ingredients penetrate.  Depending on which type you use it can draw impurities from the skin and eliminate dead skin cells (yuck) or tighten and tone.

Masks are applied to cleansed skin for 10 to 20 minutes, although the duration can be shorter or longer; some hydrating masks can also be used as an intensive overnight treatment. They generally fall into these categories:

Dead Sea Scrub & MaskCLAY/MUD MASKS – these use kaolin clay, a natural component in soil, or mud from the dead sea.  They absorb oil which draws out impurities and dirt that can make pores look more noticeable, and for removing dead skin cells. These masks might be targeted to oily T-zones or acne-prone skin, and some contain acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid.  I plaster Ahava dead sea mud from Israel on my nose and chin – it dries quickly to soak up oil.

HYDRATING MASKS – these tend to soothe, nourish and, as their name implies, super-moisturize.  I like Clarins “Hydra-Quench” or Origins “Drink-Up.”Clarins hydrating mask

mask1FIRMING and ANTI-AGING MASKS – these deal with skin in need of a reboot.  Dior Capture Totale One Essential Mask is a melt-into-skin pink gel which bills itself as an “ultra-detox” that addresses wrinkles and loss of firmness.  Sounds amazing but I haven’t tried it.

SLEEPING MASKS – these are growing worldwide.  You apply them at night before sleep.  It’s for intense hydration.  Might be better using them for winter once in a while.  Nighttime is when the skin is rested and regeneration is at its peak so you wake up to skin that’s fresher, more hydrated. One to try: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa features hyaluronic acid, Vichy thermal spa water, aquabioryl (a hydration booster) and plant oils. mask4


Remember no matter which one you choose – follow instructions then sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits.

Which ones do you use?


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