Style –  the great Suspender

Victoria Beckam
Victoria Beckham


of course Beyonce can make anything look good.
of course Beyonce can make anything look good.

suspender4 (2)

They’re carefree but serve a purpose.  Like some of those other midcentury essentials (pocket squares & fedoras come to mind), suspenders feel new again.

Suspenders and occasion: From casual to business – The great thing about suspenders is that they go with almost every type of outfit. They are perfect for a casual everyday outfit, but also for a business one. They look just as great on a bartender as they look on a Wall Street guy. Formal suits work well with suspenders and look really fun and elegant at the same time.

How to Master the Art of Suspense:  Whether you’re a southern dandy or a new-look mod, the kind of suspenders you choose says it all.

suspense1Casual wear and suspenders

of course anything looks good on Beyonce
To obtain a certain look, it’s not the suspenders in themselves that make the outfit, they are just an accessory, it’s the overall vibe that sets the tone.

suspender3 (2)

Power Broker
Bold, ass-kicking suspenders, to be worn with a sky blue spread collar dress shirt. Cuff links, mandatory; pinstripes, preferable. All topped off with an expression that says, “I will crush you.”

Is it Braces or Suspenders?

In the United Kingdom men put on braces to hold up their trousers, while suspenders are a belt used to hold up ladies’ tights. They’re basically a means of avoiding men’s pants from slipping down. I prefer them as a fashion statement of their own. But Nevermind all this…all you really need to know is the golden rule: Whatever you do, don’t wear suspenders with a belt.

These are my vintage suspenders.
These are my vintage ones.


In general, how do you feel about them?

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