Health MATTERS: “Mighty Aphrodite” – OIL of OREGANO

The Greeks were the first to record the use of Oregano and they credited Aphrodite, the goddess of love, with creating it, with the purpose of bringing joy to mankind. oregano

The word “oregano” is from two Greek words – oras, which means “mountain”, and ganos, “joy” – basically meaning oregano “joy of the mountains”. Ancient Greek physicians prescribed oregano for infections, wounds, headaches, respiratory disorders, seizures, snakebike and other forms of poisoning.

I can attest to the powerful healing benefits of this Mediterranean oil.  It’s responsible for single-handedly clearing up my terrible asthmatic cough which I had for two straight weeks.  I don’t like to use inhalers but was on the verge of doing so when I decided to try Organic Oregano Oil once again (I had previously taken it for several years, never got sick and then went off it when my last bottle was finished). So last night instead of taking it orally I just diluted several drops in water and my coughing subsided immediately.  I don’t believe it to be a co-incidence. I believe the oil cleared up my annoyingly aggravating cough. The one benefit of having a hoarse voice would be to sound like Demi Moore, but unfortunately my voice sounded more like Marge Simpson.  So I decided to discuss all the benefits of this miracle oil.

The oregano used to produce oregano oil for healing purposes is not the same as what we generally call oregano and you won’t find it in the spice section of your local grocery store.  There are more than 30 species of oregano and only a few have been proven to have real medicinal value.  So it is very important to be sure you are buying quality oregano oil from a trusted manufacturer of natural products.

Oregano Oil grows wild around the world, especially in the mountainous area of Greece and Turkey, where the highest medicinal grade is found.  Medicinal oregano is rich in minerals as well as vitamin C, vitamin A and niacin.  It takes a lot of oregano to distill a small amount of oil – in fact,  about 1,000 pounds would be needed to make one pound of oil.  This is why superior quality medicinal oregano oil is quite expensive.  However it is also quite potent and a little goes a long way as a natural remedy or treatment, making this healing herb a good investment.

Oregano oil contains natural compounds that combat bacteria, fungal, viral and parasitic infections.  It can be used for ailments ranging from athlete’s foot to food poisoning. Basically you can use it from head to toe.  It is an antiseptic, anti-microbial powerhouse and as such it has an almost infinite number of uses around the home.  Be sure to have a  bottle on hand.

How to use it:  For daily use, place 1 to 5 drops of oil under the tongue and hold it there for 5 to 10 seconds for sublingual absorption.  You can then follow with a drink of water or juice.  If you don’t like the taste (it’s strong) you can add it to a glass of water, milk or any kind of juice and drink it to increase your immune support or fight an infection.

There are so many uses (too numerous to mention there) that you might want to google it yourself.  As for me, it helped my throat right after using it and that’s why I decided to blog about it.  The vapours of the oil when taken internally are touted as a treatment for coughs and sinus congestion.  Putting a drop under the nose can help clear sinus congestion and the oil can also be added to a humidifier of vapourizer for nighttime support. It also helps for shingles, itching, ear infections, headaches, digestive difficulties, athelet’s foot, candida, dandruff and muscle aches.

Choose a product prepared by a reputable manufacturer and follow the label directions.  You can start to enjoy better health right away with this potent natural ally in your medicine cabinet.

 Have you tried it?

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