Beauty biz – testing, testing

A new APP 

Mirror, mirror on the phones...who’s the fairest of us clones?

Photo credit: iStock
Photo credit: iStock

‘Makeup Genius’ is L’Oreal’s new (and the first ever) interactive makeover APP – the answer to our makeup testing prayers.  Virtually it’s a …..well just that – a virtual mirror, giving a larger purpose to our front-facing phone cameras.

No more will you have to wait until you get home to test a product and realize the color isn’t quite right for your complexion.

Make-up testing is moving into the future with the popular global beauty brand making history with the introduction of Makeup Genius. The new app uses facial mapping technology to turn the front-facing iPhone and iPad camera into a virtual mirror that allows women to try on products in real-time. ‘Makeup Genius’ scans L’Oreal Paris products or advertisements, matches the color and allows users to try the shade out on themselves. Created in Clark, New Jersey at L’Oreal’s Research & Innovation labs, the makeup testing app also enables users to try complete makeup looks put together by L’Oreal makeup artists and share their looks on Facebook.

Based on technology previously only used in Hollywood and the gaming industry, Makeup Genius allows consumers to scan a L’Oreal Paris product or advertisement to detect a color match, virtually try on individual products or test out curated looks from expert makeup artists, and share with friends and family on Facebook.

Makeup Genius’ is already available for free at the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad and is expected to launch for Android users in 2015.

L’Oreal Paris is no newcomer to beauty apps. They already have ‘Color Genius,’ an app that matches your makeup to your outfit and ‘Hair Genius,’ that allows users to create a customized hair regimen and get expert tips and tricks.

My only question: as amazing as this is, can we have an APP that lets us test every other brand of makeup products on the market? Because we’re worth it!

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  1. Interesting, I didn’t know apps like this were out there. But I do love a website, that matches your foundation based on your previous choices 🙂
    I would love it if you would check out my blog & follow if you like it ! 🙂

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