Simply Satisfying –  RAIN or SHINE

Here’s the SCOOP……20140803_220939

And I mean the “perfect” scoop of ice cream with the best homemade waffle cone I’ve ever tasted.  I’m not just saying this.  You can trust my expertise as a pretty good judge of mouth watering delectables such as this – but everyone else who tried it agrees.  Everything is made locally on the premises including the waffle cones. I tried the salted caramel and London fog but was torn between that and the blueberry balsamic, honey lavender & coconut chocolate chunk.  Guess I’ll have to go back.20140803_221005

The good news: it happens to be conveniently located in my neck of the woods here in Vancouver. The bad news: I have virtually no willpower!

Did you know?

Rain or Shine (that really is their name) ice cream is made here in Vancouver using fresh, natural and sustainable whole ingredients sourced locally, seasonally, and organically whenever possible.

busy busy servers
Everything is made from scratch because they know that everybody loves ice cream and they believe it tastes better that way – it does! So eat up Rain or Shine!20140803_220230

Located in beautiful Kitsilano (Vancouver) – 1926 W 4th Ave.

Then tell me your favourite flavour!



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