beauty biz – 7 DEADLY SINS

Rules to Live bysins1Are you guilty of these sinful beauty habits?  This divine beauty code will show you the light and can rid you of your wrongdoings and even spark some inspiration for a more virtuous regimen.


An excess of beauty products can cause a buildup of expired makeup and create a cluttered routine. It’s far more productive to edit down to only your favorite items. These product shelf lives will inspire you to purge the bad.

Moisturizers can lose their magic after six months. Keep an eye out for a change in color or smell. Nail polish usually lasts about a year. Toss if lacquer gets thick or if color separates beyond return. Lipstick can dry up after about two years. If you have a stock of these, it’s time to replace. Mascara has gone bad once formula becomes dry and clumpy. Invest in a new tube every two or three months.


Have you ever achieved the perfect makeup look, only to have it ruined with layers and layers of liner, in an attempt to get the perfect cateye? Been there! Never go full-fury on another winged eye gone wrong again. Get eyeliner tips for the perfect cateye and remember practice makes perfect.


I love a perfectly stocked beauty shelf as much as the next girl but it’s nice to share the wealth. Try hosting a swap party with friends. This is a great way to get rid of your unused products and sample new ones.


It can be tempting to fall into bed after a long day without washing your face. Don’t get stuck in a whirlwind of bad habits; it will wreak serious havoc on your skin. Try a new nighttime regimen and carry out in this order.

Cleanse with a lathering face wash to remove dirt and oil. Remove any traces of eye-makeup with a water-based remover or oil-based for waterproof eye makeup especially. Exfoliate to rid your complexion of any dead skin cells and buildup. Tone skin for tighter pores and an even complexion. Moisturize for healthy, smooth and hydrated skin.


It’s great to try new products; you never know what may become your new go-to item. However, don’t be lured by bright lights and pretty packaging. It’s easy to be overcome with the desire to have it all, but do so in moderation.

For mineral makeup with pretty packaging and prettier results: try Mica Beauty at  Mention this blog and receive free shipping with your first order.


This can be seriously dangerous to your makeup and beauty routine. Never be too proud to reach out and learn from others. There’s a wealth of beauty tips out there just waiting to be shared.


There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” – Francis Bacon

We celebrate the unique facial features that make us…us. Thou shall not spend time coveting others’ looks. Accent the features you love and know what makes you special.

Source: The Zoe Report



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