Feel-good Friday: Fun at Playland

Confession #1 – I used to be an amusement park junkie.playland6playland10

Confession #2 – I have also been on every ride at almost every Disneyland in the world (except for the newer ones in China – but there’s still time). My favourite to date is still Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  Anyway, this is all to say that a lot of time had passed since I’d been on rides and I almost forgot the childlike excitement and anticipation of the experience.  Until last Monday, September 1st  when my sister gifted me & a few others with entry to the PNE which included free unlimited ride passes at Playland.  I would not have wanted to waste them, plus I don’t remember the last time I was there.playland11

For years I had no fear while riding the big rickety wooden roller coaster with my dad at Belmont Park in Montreal and remember the fights that ensued with my parents over the fact that my dad let me stand up on the ride.  Of course I was not supposed to tell my mom but I was proud that he let me do it.  After the private venture park closed for good (in 1983 followed by a Montreal-style police raid) we defected to La Ronde (also in Montreal), and much later tried out all the roller coasters at Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto.  Yes, every single one!playland7

But that was then and I quickly realized I’m not nearly so daring now.  I was surprised and disappointed that I actually had to psyche myself up to go on several of the rides at Playland and they weren’t even the most exciting ones.  But I also realized that I’m still a kid at heart and still got nervous and excited even though I was standing in line with 6 year-olds, arguing over which one of us would get to sit up front (and finally striking a deal with an 8 year old because he also wanted to sit up front – (which separated the friend I went with, making her sit on her own 2 cars behind).  I caught friend sticking her tongue out at the two 6 year olds sitting in the middle car.  She (also nervous because it had been so long) said she wanted to be seated right behind us but they purposefully made sure that that would not happen and ran ahead of her giggling – after promising not to do so.  Meanies!playland1Lesson: little brats turn into big brats. 


Confession #3 – I have never been for actual Confession and I thank god for that!

playland3Have you faced your fears lately?  Which rides are your favourite?



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