Beauty biz – Glitter be Gone!

I like to wear a bit of glitter and then take a quick dipglitter2

 with the new Sephora dip your nails inside instant nail polish remover.  So easy and no more need for messy cotton balls. I have their regular remover which is excellent except for when you wear glitter polish.  And girls like glitter.  It will take it off eventually but after too many trys so I’m glad they came up with this one.  I tested it on removing a polish that had two extra coats of Sally Hansen triple shine glitter top coat which is really hard to remove with normal nail polish remover. It worked but don’t be impatient because it takes several seconds. That stuff is very hard to get off.  Mostly it works ultrafast and is effective.  They claim that it also removes nail patches, all types of nail art, including nail tattoos, and pen marks.glitter1

How to use it:
Just a quick dip into the foam and sparkles and nail polish instantly (or almost instantly) come off your fingertips. It comes with an exclusive scrubbing sponge to help remove the toughest products.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
Parabens and is dermatologist tested.  Cost $12

Have you tried it?


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