style: RAW – from the ROW

Springing ahead for a sneak peek but I’m ready to wear the ready-to-wear already.  IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

The Row Spring 2015
The Row Spring 2015

Yes, it’s already Fall and as usual it crept up just like that.  While we’re busy getting our boots and blazers out of the closet, New York Fashion Week just wrapped and London Fashion Week has just begun to show us what’s in store (and what will be in stores) for Spring 2015nyfw7Unfortunately, having not attended the New York shows in person I was consigned like many to checking out what’s next on the internet.  After perusing many of the choices I decided to focus on showing only one fashion house – that from “The Row” and their 28-year-old twin designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who obviously have an amazingly grown-up fashion sense – well beyond their years.  Girls to look up to and styles to put a Spring in your step.  Here is what someone who attended the actual show wrote:

Chic Twins
We love a  Chic Twinset!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are women of very few words. Ask them about the direction of their new Spring collection, and you get the shortest of briefs: “Raw silks.” That’s not much to go on, but no matter. This show, like most of The Row shows that have preceded it, was highly evocative. Monday morning traffic, the elevator you just missed, your buzzing cell phone… In the face of the serenity on their runway, all that stuff fell away. The setting, a raw, fifth-floor warehouse space in Soho, played a big part. Pouring through skylights, the morning sun glinted off the gold basket weave of a loosely tied coat, and shimmered on an organza top that looked as if it might’ve been dipped in tea or sepia-dyed. Angels, you thought.nyfw4nyfw3

That’s probably too literal an allusion for the Olsens’ taste, but there was an undeniable purity to this collection, with its mid-calf hemlines, full A-line silhouettes, and covered-up arms and shoulders. The Olsens experimented quite a bit with wrapping. Long swaths of fabric crisscrossed the torso, twisted around the waistline of dresses, and trailed down the legs, sometimes creating a gentle peplum at the hips. These were not clothes designed to seduce, but they were beguiling nonetheless. A woven tabard finished with braided fringe was especially lovely; not many other labels in New York are turning out this level of handwork. Equally tempting because it was more utilitarian: a crisp, collarless white cotton poplin shirt tucked into a three-quarter-length black skirt, accessorized with a cross-body “hunting” bag.

So Sleek, So CHIC!
So Sleek, So CHIC!

The Row’s former design director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski was in the news this summer when it was announced that she was appointed the artistic director at Hermès. She left the company last March and The Row reports it won’t replace her. This beautiful show positions them well for the future.

I just love this acress's outfit.
I just love Jessica Alba’s outfit – the balance between structure and romance.  A no-nonsense ladylikeness.

I personally feel you can do so much with beautifully constructed basics and seem to be leaning more towards this look these days. So easy to mix ‘n match too.  Don’t get me wrong though – I’m still willing to wear that studded collar shirt and skinny zippered cobalt jeans.

Source for NYFW: Nicole Phelps (September 9, 2014) for                                    Photos – taken from images

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