beauty – DIY Miracle Gel Polish

 Sally Hansen is a pioneer when it comes to nail care.  


As early as the late 1950’s  Sally Hansen,  together with her chemist husband, pioneered a nail protection formula called Hard As Nails.  Touted as “the nail clinic in a bottle,” Hard As Nails established Sally Hansen as what is now a top seller of nail care.

From the beginning, Sally Hansen (the company) prided itself on producing quality nail care. While Hard As Nails still continues to be a best seller, Sally Hansen has developed into the leading mega brand of nail treatment and color.

Always at the forefront they’ve come out with a new breakthrough polish…………….called Miracle Gel Nail Polish.  No UV light required.  Not only that, but it comes in many fashion forward and neutral shades, goes on in two easy steps,  comes off with regular nail polish remover and costs only $9.99 a bottle.  What you say???  A dream come true!

Wine Stock
Wine Stock

I just had two professional gel manicures which cost about $40 each time not to mention $10 to have them remove the polish (soaked in acetone for several minutes under a UV light).  Granted it lasted 3 weeks (2 weeks of absolute perfection) but it is costly to keep up and time consuming.  Doing this at home seemed too good to be true.  And it was.

The Review: I bought two shades, a rich red (for the holidays) and a deep burgundy called “wine stock” along with the top coat which you need to purchase to seal the deal.  The salesgirl at Walgreen’s told me her manicure lasted 12 days without a chip.  SOLD!  In all honesty I would be okay if it lasted one week without a chip but I was hoping for about two weeks.  On the bottle it says “up to 14 days.”  Must pay attention to the “up to” part.  I put two coats of the red color and one coat of the top coat when I got home.  It goes on easily, dries quickly, nice and shiny (not too unlike a salon gel manicure), and the shade is true to the color on the bottle.  It also surprisingly did not discolor my nails (dark colors tend to do that – with a yellowish tinge sans the basecoat) on removal – a big plus. Very impressive.

However…..the first chip happened at day four.  Major drag!  Any chip on a dark polish no matter how tiny ruins the look.  So I went over the tips with the same polish and it lasted another two days before chipping some more.  I work with a keyboard and like to cook but even so, with a professional gel manicure I do the same but with no chipping.gel1

The good news:  all is not lost.  Overall, I would say it’s quite lovely for the way it applies, the shine and the ease of removal (with regular nail polish remover no less).  I usually use OPI, Essie or Chanel  (sometimes Butter London). But the main thing was to have a dark polish last up to two weeks without chipping and unfortunately that is not the case.  I am debating taking them back but may decide not to (ha, that’s what they’re hoping for).  On one hand I find it misleading, but I love the colors and might even purchase one more in a neutral shade.  Who knows? That one might last longer.

Did they lie?  Not really because if you read the print (preferably before buying the product) it does say that it lasts “up to” 14 days.  We’re always hoping and it was worth the try.  As I said, it’s a lovely polish on its own and it does last longer than others.

the bad news: there are no miracles.

Will I go back for a professional salon gel manicure?  Yes, but only on occasion.

Anyone else tried it?



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