Art/Fashion – Reyle Love

Fashion and Art have always been inextricably intertwined.  dior4Think Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965 Mondrian Dress or the designs Elsa Schiaparelli conjured in the 1930’s from sketches and photos by Salvador Dali.

Looking back to Berlin-based Anselme Reyle’s limited edition collaboration for Christian Dior’s most fabulous accessories.dior5Known for his large scale abstract paintings and found object sculptures, Reyle delved deep into the label’s DNA, pinpointing such iconic pieces as the Lady Dior bag and infusing them with boldly toned twists or camouflage prints and just a splash of top-stitching on an ankle-strap wedge.dior5 (2)

Reyle shot to fame in late 2007, when his stripe paintings sold for six figure sums, even as works by Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst remained unsold. Earlier that year, the artist’s profile received a boost when a purple foil-in-Plexiglas box sold for $192,000 at auction in London.dior3

Reyle, whose works are characterized by bold brushwork, neon paint, 80s kitsch and silver foil,  has also showcased his work at the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen, the Gagosian in New York, Tate Modern in London and also showcased his abstract work in Mumbai.

Art, Fashion – bring it on!


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