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7,000 years of ancient art, from the end of the Stone Age to the fall of the Roman Empire.villa3On all my previous visits to L.A. I never ventured to the Getty Villa until now.  I really didn’t realize what I was missing and it’s quite fascinating especially if you’re into antiquities.  The grounds alone are worth the outing, and the majority of art and sculptures at this Malibu hilltop hideaway are original pieces with a few recreations.

The educational center and museum is dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria. The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Villa features more than 1,200 antiquities from the permanent collection, as well as changing and loan exhibitions.

Drinking Vessels
Drinking Vessels

The villa itself is a recreation of an ancient Roman country house that offers a taste of life in the first century A.D.

*Discovery of the Victorious Youth
*Discovery of the Victorious Youth.  See description below.

The gardens are inspired by ancient models, with species from the ancient world.villa1

Of course a visit to any museum is not complete without checking out the gift shop.

*The Discovery of the Victorious Youth (above photo): Very few bronze statues remain from antiquity.  The Victorious Youth was recovered from an ancient shipwreck in international waters in the Adriatic Sea.  It was probably on its way to Rome, where many Greek sculptures were taken to be displayed in cities and villas. The statue was found in the 1960’s and had lost its feet.  Otherwise, he’s not in bad shape.

Photos: d. king



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