Have your Cake and eat your Candy too!

Look what I found! Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico and never had an easy time of breaking the piñatas, or maybe it’s just that I love eating candycake1

Here you can have the best (or worst) of both worlds and it’s a whole lot easier to break through.

Beautiful Rainbow Piñata  Cake

My dream filling would be smarties, gummi bears, licorice bites, mars, snickers and kit kat minis, sour patch kids and jelly bellys with a sprinkling of marshmallows.

I have not yet make this kind of cake but doesn’t it look appealing? Hey, there’s always a birthday or an occasion.

To make this wonderful rainbow piñata cake first you have to bake two semicircular cake sponges (find a sponge cake recipe if you don’t already have one – it’s not that hard).

Scoop out the center of both the sponges and fill the lower one with candies.  Join the upper semicircle to the lower with frosting in between.

Then divide your buttercream frosting (if you don’t already have a recipe just find one) in three to four parts depending upon the number of food colours available. Colour each part with a different food colour and fill the piping bag with dollops of alternate coloured frostings. Make sure not to mix them. Pipe out rosettes on the cake and voila! Your rainbow piñata  cake is ready.

OR; you can keep it real simple and just hollow out a cake recipe you’re already familiar with & fill it with candy.  Just don’t forget to put the top back on.  Frost it however you like.

What would you fill it with?

Source: Stylish Board




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