Food: this Peaceful Restaurant serves Killer Chinese

Tuesday is food day on this blog but it doesn’t always have to be a posted recipe.  It’s about food in general.  Good food that is.beef1

Sometimes we just want to share something we’ve tried recently that we found to be outstanding.   Which brings me to your not typical run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia – Peaceful Restaurant. In a sea of Chinese restaurants this is quite the claim.  rice1While I’m at it, it must be noted that Vancouver has some of the finest Chinese restaurants in the world and, word on the street (according to my Chinese friends) is that they’re even better than a lot of the ones in China.

Okay, to be fair when Superstar Food Network Restaurateur Guy Fieri says something is hot you’ve got to at least check it out.

While I can’t vouch for everything on the menu, here are two extra special dishes.  One is ordinarily served in every single Chinese restaurant and the other is a bit more unusual.  I’m talking about Peaceful’s Special House Fried Rice & Beef Rolls.

You come to expect the same old, same old house fried rice.  Not here.  This one is extra flavourful and comes fully loaded.  I don’t know which part of the world you live in, but if you make it over this way please try this *house fried rice.  The beef roll ups, on the other hand are unusually unique and super tasty.  The pastry is crepe like and flaky while the meat has the texture of pulled pork with an exotic mixture of hoisin, green onion and something a little spicy.  It is simply put, delicious.  No other words to describe it, you have to experience it.

They have three locations:

532 W Broadway #110, 2394 W 4th Ave in Kitsilano and 43 E 5th Avenue in Mount Pleasant.

*the only thing I don’t like is the baby shrimp but you can pick them out or maybe ask them to omit them entirely from your order (if you don’t eat shrimp).









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